Saturday, April 1, 2017

Prom 2017

I can't believe it, but I find myself seeing another child (this time the baby boy) off to the prom.  This one was unexpected as he is only a Freshman...but that whole social structure of High School these days is different than "back in the day."  It does make me think of Proms when I was in High School and how much fun we had. It makes me miss friends that have passed and those I haven't see in years and the carefree (although when you are the teenager it doesn't feel like that) world we lived in.  Why, oh why, does growing up come so fast?  And mostly, why couldn't we just enjoy every special, simple moment rather than always trying to push harder and faster to being "older." 
 Adulting is a racket!  
He was heading out to get his pretty little date! 
 How can he be this old?
They went as a group with some life long friends. 
 I know it will be a fun night to remember!
I hope they have a blast. 
 The evening started with dinner and is supposed to end with
 bowling so I really hope this is just the first of many
great High School Memories for my sweet young man.

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