Sunday, May 20, 2018

Learning from others....Financial Knowledge!

I admit it, finances scare me and I also realized how little I truly understand about how our financial systems/banking worlds work.  So, I have been doing a lot of reading.  I do run into things I don't know if I buy or agree with, but then I usually take away a nugget or two from everything I read which as the saying goes, "knowledge is power!" I wish I had more time to devote to learning more quickly, but being a full time college student, full time employee and a full time Mom does present it's own challenges and I am not beating myself up for not being able to study this topic 24/7!

This week has found me with several unexpected medical expenses (thank goodness for medical insurance) as my son needed a unexpected medication refill and I was diagnosed with a severe (and I do mean severe, care of Mono....yes go ahead and, I didn't get it from kissing - not that I would have minded getting that way, but...I apparently have  Chronic Epstein-barr virus, which has caused me, at this unlikely juncture in life to develop mono.)  According to my doctor, I have had it for a while and it explains my extreme tiredness and other issues I have been trying to ignore. So, when you are trying to pull together a good budget and just getting started it is a bit frustrated to have this little surprise dropped in my lap.

Anyway, back to budgets...I have been working on mine and have found a few blogs I would like to share that I thought others who are determine to get out of debt and stay out debt might enjoy:

Dear Debt

Jackie Beck

Mr. Money Mustache

Even if you don't take away some insight, I think just staying focused and reading on debt removal is crucial to keep me on my path.  Hope you enjoy.  Lets stick this out and get out from under this miserable stress called debt.  Freedom is the goal!

P.S. My first debt snowball will be paid off by FRIDAY!!!! Yipppeee!!!!

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

What I wish more churches would share with young parents

There are lots of things I like about the church we attend, and I could really go on and on about what wonderful guidance I received in celebrating this year's Easter observance, but today, in the packed Easter Service my eyes were drawn to a little note that hangs in each pew.  It is for parents of young children.  Now, of course, I no long fit this demographic but I totally appreciate it because when you are the parent of a young child it can feel like they make no louder ruckus than in church!

It says:

To the Parents of Children, May We Suggest....

Relax,God put the wiggle in children; don't feel you have to suppress it in God's house. All are welcome.

Sit towards the front where it is easier for your little ones to hear and see what is going on. They tire of seeing the backs of others heads.

Quietly explain the part of of the service and actions of the pastor, ushers, choir, etc.

Sing the hymns, pray and voice the responses. Children learn liturgical behavior from copying you.

If you have to leave the service with your child, please feel free to do so, but please come back. As Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

Remember that the way we welcome children in the church directly affects the way they respond to the Church, to God, and to one another. Let them know that they are at home in this house of worship.

The presence of children is a fit to the Church and they are a reminder that our congregation is growing.

Please welcome our children and give a smile of encouragement to their parents.

So, Mamas and Daddies, don't feel you are disturbing the service.....YOU are part of the service and YOU are the ministers to the next generation.  

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday


Today is the beginning of Holy Week.  I know in years past, I overlooked, or maybe was ignorant of the importance of this week.  Actually, the entire walk through Lent is important so I can prepare my heart for this remember, reflect, confess....and be quiet.  In church this morning our Reverend  brought something to me in a new way....He talked about how as we went through the traditions and liturgy, there were Christians all over the world doing the very same thing.  What  a reminder of the family of God, that because of Christ, we are His children.  Even knowing the Palm cross pinned to my sweater (like the one above) was touched by the hands of a woman in a village in Africa made me feel a connection beyond my little spot on that pew.  Earthly families fall, earthly friends fail....but the family of Christ is forever.

I leave you with this post written by: Greg Goebel founder and editor at
I am not an Anglican During Holy Week
I love being an Anglican Christian. This Communion is my home, these are the people I’m called to serve with, and I’m thankful for the beauty of this tradition.But during Holy Week, I’m not an Anglican. I’m not a Baptist either. Or a Presbyterian. Or a Roman Catholic.

Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday, my feet are being washed, and I’m washing feet. There is nothing particularly Anglican about this. Its what Jesus told us to do. I’m celebrating the Eucharist, during the feast of the Last Supper, the Lord’s Supper. This is the table of the Lord, not of us Anglicans in particular. I feel like Judas. Will I depart? I feel like Peter. Will I deny him? Sometimes I feel like John, and I lay my head upon his breast and rest.
And then the altar is stripped bare. What will remain? Nothing that particularly symbolizes Anglicanism. Instead, its a crown of thorns on an empty table, a symbol for the one true God for all people. With each piece removed, I feel the layers of my own soul being peeled away. And I leave in silence with the crown of thorns left, alone, in my heart.

Good Friday

On Good Friday, more than any other time of year, I’m just a Christian. I’m a sinner saved and redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I’m a disciple who is running away from the cross, and yet being pulled back to it by grace. I’m a Peter, denying Christ and needing his restoring love. I’m Pilate, condemning him. I’m the crowd jeering him. I’m Mary Magdalene, crying for him because he saved my life and delivered me.
On Good Friday, I’m lying at the foot of the cross. I’m looking up into his eyes, and witnessing the pain. I’m looking at his mother Mary, and I have to look away. How can she bear this? She isn’t just the mother of us Anglicans. She is the mother of God, and mother of the Church because she is the mother of Christ.
On Good Friday, I’m confused and wondering. I’m listening but not fully understanding. On Good Friday, I’m finally aware that I’m, after all, a human being. A fallen human being that needs to be saved. And he is saving me.
On Good Friday, I’m listening. And I hear him say “It is finished.” The sacrifices are ended. He offered himself to save us, and heal us, and to end our constant offering of our own sacrifices. Animals. Enemies. Slaves. Our own children. Time, money, talent, and more. We humans kept trying to appease the God who loves us, so he came here himself and allowed us to sacrifice him. He ended it. He saved us even when we didn’t think we needed anyone to save us.
On Good Friday I sit with that reality in a darkened church, with God’s people, gathered around the stark, empty altar of God. I wear a black cassock, which sits unusually heavy on me. I’m not focused in particular on being Anglican at that moment, I’m a desperate, confused, loved, and accepted Child of God.

Holy Saturday

On Holy Saturday I’m always torn between the routines of family life and the utter silence of all creation while Christ lies in the tomb. How can things go on as normal? Why did the earth continue to revolve and people to eat, drink, and be merry as Christ lay in the tomb, dead. Death is silent to the living. He was not moving. He was not there. When will God answer? We had hoped for more. This hope is not just an Anglican hope, it’s a human hope.
And then, at the Easter Vigil, as we shout “He is Risen,” I’m joining my voice with Christians all over the world who celebrate his resurrection.


I do love the way we Anglicans celebrate. It is beautiful! But really, we aren’t Anglicans or Baptists, Roman Catholics or Methodists. On Easter Day, we are the shocked women at the tomb, the slow-to-realize disciples, and the (temporarily) doubting Thomases who kneel and say “My Lord and My God!”. We’re people who love Jesus, and who want to walk with him and be with him and in him all of our days. We are just little children, entering the Kingdom of God.
At that moment, we who have been baptized into the One Body of Christ, are more united in our praise than at any other moment of the year.
We are just Christians, and that’s enough.

Monday, March 12, 2018

So today...

I didn't want to get out of bed to go to work...dang you, time change! But, I did.  Then I went to visit with some clients before I decided it was just too cold and wet and I didn't get paid enough to live through that special part of Hades so I high tailed it back to the office. Did I mention it was one ugly, cold day here?  It kind of snuck in the back door and has just about scared us to death. I mean my phone was beeping every 30 seconds "freeze warning!"  What did that phone think I was going to do about it?  

So, I did make it home this afternoon, baked some cookies, hung a pot rack (actually an old wine rack that I realized would make an excellent pot rack!) Fed the dogs and the man child, not necessarily in that order and managed to clean the residue of a super strong strip of carpet tape off the floor without using chemicals....WHOOT!  That might not sound like a big deal but I have been working on this sticky conception of Satan for days.  Now, I can say, I am tarred (translated to tired for  those of you who missed High Country 101 in college...I am bilingual in several languages...Hill Billy and Redneck, just to name a few!)

Of course, I need to be studying as I started a new class today...hopefully one that won't make me feel dumber.  Lots of my college classes do that....what is that about anyway?  Going back to school was suppose to empower me and make me feel all "I can conquer the worldish"...right?  So far, it makes me feel like I need a nap for the most part.  I also have another project that I have to get rolling but I don't think it is happening tonight because, well, I am too cold...yep, too cold.  I don't do well when I am cold, thus the reason I live in the South....Hello????  Someone please fix the thermostat!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

On this 4th Sunday of Lent

May we all look inward, deeper, to those uneasy prepare...

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Spring is coming!!!

Yes it is!  

Now,  I admit, I have done more than my fair share of sniffling around about the cold this year...because it was COLD; and it was a cold that didn't want to end.  But the last 2 weeks  Mother Nature confirmed that yes, even though it is  still 13 degrees in Boise, Idaho, the Southland is the reining Queen of Spring . Every day brings a  delightful invitation to the coming season....daffodils in their radiant gowns, the forsythia and Carolina Jessamine parading their yellow fireworks up and down the street, the glorious Saucer Magnolia reminding us everything is pretty in pink, along with the delicate Star magnolia sharing her beautiful white blooms!  The humidity has already whispered a gentle kiss among the Red-buds. All the while, the grass is beginning it's attempt at becoming an unruly child among the garden. Oh, and then there are the weeds, that truly were not to be found this morning,  but some how wiggled inside the gates and are  throwing a welcoming party for Spring that looks as if it is about be completely out of control.

Bring on the Tulips, Dogwoods, the beloved Azaleas and wrap yourself in Spring. Oh, and I am sure it will find its way to Boise, eventually....sometime after summer has taken up residence here.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Are you up for the challenge?

Clutter....clutter....clutter! Do you have it in your life? In your mind? In your house?  I have come to loathe the word itself.  Mostly because I realize it is so tied to my spirit and mental attitude towards life.  I firmly believe that physical clutter increases the mental and emotional clutter we have in our lives.  During these first couple of weeks of 2018 I have done a lot of reading and spent time looking around my world for the ways it is is tripping me up. 

According to Psychology Today:

  1. Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile), causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren't necessary or important.
  2. Clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focus should be on.
  3. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally.
  4. Clutter constantly signals to our brains that our work is never done.
  5. Clutter makes us anxious because we're never sure what it's going to take to get through to the bottom of the pile.
  6. Clutter creates feelings of guilt ("I should be more organized") and embarrassment, especially when others unexpectedly drop by our homes or work spaces.
  7. Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity by invading the open spaces that allow most people to think, brain storm, and problem solve.
  8. Clutter frustrates us by preventing us from locating what we need quickly (e.g. files and paperwork lost in the "pile" or keys swallowed up by the clutter). 
I have always had a sentimental side, which helped me keep every piece of artwork my children made, and hold on to things that I thought would mean something one day. As my life has changed over the last few years, I have had to look at many things that I thought would surely have been family heirlooms and realize that they are now just clutter in the scheme of my journey.  It definitely feels funny to think of ridding myself of items that seemed to mean so much to me at one time. Although, I have been doing that little by little over the last few years, I am making 2018 the year to clean out and clear out.  It will help me in so many ways! So I am picking up the Declutter 2018 Challenge!  Rachel Jones over at Nourishing Minialism has a great Declutter Challenge and I hope you will join me on this journey...not just about getting rid of extra "junk" around the house but also extra "junk' around our hearts and minds!
Join Rachel and declutter 2018 things in 2018!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Not loving this weather...

This is going to sound very petty, and to those of you who live in this for several months out of the year I apologize, but I am so sick of this weather.  It isn't the snow I dislike but the extreme cold.  When we aren't even hitting 32  degrees for days on end, it is getting old.  I live in the SOUTH for a reason....and this is not it.  Not only is is crazy cold but we have moved from the pretty snow to the ugly dirty icy mess.  Not. Loving . It. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018!

Today marks the beginning of a bright New Year!  I have been looking forward to today; not for some particular reason, but I just placed it as a marker for myself...kind of jumping-off place.  I have goals (not resolutions!) I intend to find my way back to things I truly love...home, hearth, fashion, make-up and, of course, laughter.

I am declaring the color of 2018 as sparkle (who needs just one color if the one you love sparkles?)
 Sparkle in 2018!