Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Not my image, credited to Julie Tillery from Facebook
Personally, the last 2 years have been very hard. I was glad to see 2012 come to an end because we had been through so much with my DS2's illness, which changed my (our) world.  I had high hopes for 2013...hopes don't always bring results.  2013 has probably been my worst year thus far, and by now I have had a few to compare it to.

2013 saw me, for a time, have a crisis of faith which haunts me. I literally looked at my life, the devastation and destruction in it, and  I witnessed the person I thought was the strongest Christian I knew walk away from his faith, so in anger I said, "If this is what being on God's team brings, I don't want to play anymore!"   I was selfish and wanted to take MY toys and go home.  It was wrong, I sinned - there is NO excuse. I walked blindly through life for a while, without His light.  I know He was still there watching over me, but I was stumbling, falling and crawling on skinned knees without him. But like a child, I have come seeking the direction and hand of my Father and feeling His forgiveness.  The difference is, I feel like a baby now...having to learn to walk, talk and do most everything.  I am a baby in Christ right now, learning to pray, to seek His Word, to try to stay within his Will in Everything.  The above image is not my own, I saw it on Facebook and it spoke to me about the coming year....2014.  I am going to trust Him and His plan...knowing it is wonderful, knowing He thinks I am beautiful when others don't, knowing He loves me when others don't, knowing He cares what happens when others don't.  I am seeking His in 2014.

I know there will be pain in 2014 and in all honesty, I am struggling mightily with temptation as I enter this new year.  I am struggling against myself a great deal and fear is a constant battle.  But, I am determined to keep trying, to keep seeking my Savior. 

May you experience blessings and joy in 2014.
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Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Coming to a blessed end!

I have finally found some direction and plan on coming back to Southern Somedays and I hope you will join me on my journey to grow my faith and learn more about what God has planned for me.  2013 brought the darkest season of my life, but I am determined not to let "anyone dull my sparkle!"  God has been faithful when I have been faithless.

If you have read Southern Somedays for any time you will see much more of my faith on display because the only reasoning I can understand for my recent season of life is that God is trying to teach me and maybe, just maybe, I am meant to share that with others in pain. 

Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.
~Psalm 115:1

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