Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daddy's are....

This morning I took my youngest DS to have his Kindergarten placement testing. He breezed through all the letters, numbers, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills easily. There was one blip though….in the section where the teacher asked DS to name opposites. One of the questions was:

“If Mommies are women then Daddies are……PIRATES!” …now, that explains a lot about my family.

Welcome back to the routine.

This week finds me trying to settle back into the normal routine after a wonderful, relaxing week of Spring Break. We split our Spring Break time between Myrtle Beach, SC (at the request of the children) and Isle of Palms/Charleston, SC (at the request of the Mommy)! DH took the entire week off and spent it with us and that was just wonderful. It is rare that he will take that kind of time off and I loved, loved, loved having him footloose and fancy free. So, after a week of eating, shopping, sunning, and napping reality has set back in. I am not real fond of that.