Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Columbus, GA...

Have you ever had a week (or four) that just seemed to be way harder than they should have been??? Well, the last month or so has been really rough around here…not with life or death type situations but with those kinds of things that just wear you down and make you think about life or death (generally that of other people!) so I was really pleased with our little weekend trip and how relaxing it was.
We started off the weekend on Friday night in Auburn, AL at a [high school] football game. Our team had to travel far and wide for this game. After the game we headed to Columbus, GA. Many years ago we lived in Columbus and it still holds a fond place in our hearts. It is a beautiful city where in many ways life is just slower and simpler. We did drive by our old house (a couple of obsessive times, actually) and I am just so disappointed in what bad shape it is in. We literally spent much blood, sweat and tears over reworking, redoing, redecorating that house and yard when we owned it. Why, oh why, if the folks who bought it didn’t want the up keep and challenges that come with an older home didn’t they just buy a track home in a neighborhood on the north side????
One real treat that we experienced while in Columbus was a visit and tour at the new “Eagle & Phenix” http://www.eagleandphenix.com/ (check out the photos of the lofts in the photos on the website).
These amazing lofts are being carved out of one of the historic mills overlooking the Chattahoochee River and Riverwalk http://www.columbusga.org/parks/park_sites/riverwalk.htm . They were just amazing! Oh…it would be heaven living there and enjoying the downtown life and Riverwalk all the while having such a gorgeous, unique home. Hmmmm, wonder how quickly this house would sell…..

So, what did you do this weekend?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The last of my summer produce...

I gathered the very last of my deck garden this afternoon. It is a little sad, but I will definately have another deck garden next year. Tomorrow I will begin cleaning up the vines and moving the pots into storage until next spring.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cute Shoes and School Spirit...

Last Friday night was a home football game and the first home game this season that I had no “responsibilities” (i.e. selling tickets, concessions, etc….hey, I am good supportive Mommy!) so I knew I had to have a super cute outfit to go to the game in, since this was going to be socialization football at its finest. Now, you know what that means…some Retail Therapy!!!! Trust me; last week was a week that warranted Retail Therapy more than most!

I managed to visit TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross (which again confirmed my feelings that I just don’t like Ross and have never, ever found a thing in there…maybe it is just me?), DSW and 2 malls and picked up DS2 at school on time!!! Yes…I did.

Did I find a cute outfit? Well, yes to that as well. I got a really cool fitted, button down blouse at TJ’s that was royal blue (our main school color) and some cute black pants that were actually the perfect length at Mall #1…when you are often frustrated that even the “petites” are a bit too long you will understand this little thrill in life… but I got a bit anxious when I couldn’t find any really cute shoes for this particular outfit. Now, don’t get me wrong…I found cute shoes but not “the” cute shoes I was envisioning. I wanted something with a little more pop that just plain black, cute shoes. That is my problem…I actually envision what shoes I want before I find them and when/if I can’t find just the right look it drives me nuts.

Anyway, at Mall #2 I did happen to find CUTE SHOES with the perfect color royal blue plaid (oh yes...school spirity) to complete my Friday Night Football outfit!!! AND they were on deep, deep -like well under $20 - sale (yes, girls…this was a sign!).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday's quote of the day...

"All of which is by the way of saying that hiking's bad and napkins shaped like swans are good."
--Celia Rivenbark in Belle Weather

now back to the front porch to read and laugh (and laugh) some more - all the while my neighbors are worried about me sitting alone on the porch laughing out loud (they won't say it but I see their nervous glances my way!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where the River Ends by Charles Martin...

If you haven't read it...you must. I have been in love with Charles Martin's work since readingWhen Chrickets Cry (which was my favorite of all his books until this one). I love Nicolas Sparks and his novels but Charles Martin just takes my breathe away. www.charlesmartinbooks.com

Friday, September 12, 2008


I did say I would blog about Cotillion, didn’t I? Well, my oldest DS started Cotillion training last weekend. To say that he was less than thrilled is an understatement, but hey…I still pay the rent!
We did have to pick up a new blazer, which he liked pretty well, but I am not sure it goes with the t-shirt and plaid shorts - but at least he is wearing it. Of course, lots of friends were in the class, so he did have some moral support. When I picked him up he said it wasn’t as bad as he had thought it would be; except the two girls he had to dance with stepped on his feet and apparently one girl had really sweaty hands (go figure THAT would bother HIM, considering he is usually covered in sweat and muck from playing ball - maybe girl hand sweat is more offensive????). Fortunately, since the 1st experience “wasn’t as bad as I thought” his attitude about going back has greatly improved. Hmmm....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless the U.S.A.

9-11-01 remembered always

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What in the world???

Yes, I realize we have become quite the exhibitionist (and not in the least bit modest, apparently) society – thus the huge popularity of blogland, Face book, You Tube, etc. but I think the world has just gone a little too “let’s do it in public.” Why, you ask?

Well…let me tell you! A few weeks ago I went to Sams Club, and low and behold, there in the middle of main isle was a set up (complete with dentist styled chairs) for teeth whitening. Lovely….just lovely…now I can get my ultra huge box of rice crispy treats, industrial sized toilet paper and teeth whitened all at once…life is complete. Honestly, I didn’t think a whole lot about this other than to kind of peek around at the folks around me and wonder how many of them planned on perking up their smile at Sams and went on my merry way.

But, I did think about it a few days later when I showed up for my Retail Therapy appointment at the mall and there…just off the Food Court was another (larger) teeth whitening set up!!!!!!!!!! No, it wasn’t in a “shop” but right out there in the main concourse. Yes…this ranks up there with the tattoo stall at the flea Market. Is NOTHING sacred?

What in the world????? I mean, I love me some white teeth (and think most people could use some brightening up), but I don’t want to see folks having it done….yuck. I want to believe that the lovely white teeth/smiles I see are natural…yes; I like a little denial in life. I don’t need to know everything about folks. Are these the same people who climb in those “water massage” chambers (by the way….how sanitary is that anyway?) at the mall and then hop over to get their smile whitened? Jeez, people.

What is the world coming to?????? I really don’t mean to offend anyone with this little rant but this just kind of grosses me out. The next thing you will tell me is that I can get my bikini wax in the produce section of Wal-Mart…..oh no, they aren’t doing thatARE THEY?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am...

Hopefully soon (!!!) I will have all my computer, camera, connection issues resolved and will be back with fun stuff about cotillion, fall and some recent retail therapy!