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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oooh La La...the pool boy....

Do y'all dream of a having your on personal little hottie as your pool boy?  Well, don't hate me, but I have one!  LOL

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did I tell you...

that we now live close enough to the beach that we can do this for a few hours and not take the whole day???
and this....
and this....
Oh YEAH...this is how we spent Friday morning. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The little things...

Yes, yes, I should be unpacking boxes and organizing and all those fun things that come with moving but, hey, I get distracted!

Trust me when I say that in our new home there are many things to become distracted by. I believe that instead of a new house we have acquired a new project(s)!  We are really excited about the potential we see here, she has great bones and just needs some TLC.

Tiny Project #1!!!

As I was sorting through the Dining Room yesterday (which looks a whole lot like a Yard Sale at this point....argh!) I realized that those little curtains on the side of the front door had to go. They were just hiding too much light. I was pleasantly surprised to see some lovely leaded glass back there, and although the pink walls will be high on my next round of projects, I was pleased with what a little thing like opening up those windows made!

In South Carolina...finally!

We are here! Yes, the move actually happened and it went very smoothly. We have been moved professionally many times during our marriage, but we had the best moving crew/company this time. Dh's company uses Graebel Relo. and their movers were just wonderful. They were kind, considerate and just a joy to work with. Also, the home office was available all the time for any questions and concerns and really held my hand through the whole process.  Moving under any circumstances is stressful, so I appreciate all the help and assistance Graebel provide.

Of course, this is what I saw when that wonderful moving crew drove away...lots and lots of this.  Fortunately, we had an unpacking crew arrive the next morning to help make a dent in the lovely brown box heaven.  Although, a lot of people don't like to have the unpack help, I do because it causes most of those boxes and all that packing paper to go away much sooner!!!  Though we still have a ton to do, and much more unpacking and organizing, it is nice to at least be able to move around without getting lost in a maze of boxes.
What is this, you ask?  This is what my 3 children have done every day since we moved in.  Yep, they have been keeping cool and occupied in between organizing their rooms.  Maybe next week I can work in some pool time!!!!  I am not so sure I appreciate this grown up responsibility thing.

So now that we are moved, it is time for the projects to begin...keep watching!

NOTE:  No compensation was paid for this endorsement, only a happy customer sharing the good word!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving, it is about time!

Well, it is just about time.  We are down the last week before the move happens and I think I am ready.  I am ready to have my family all under one roof. 

Last night, I actually saw our new house for the 1st time.  Yes...I let my DH buy our house without me seeing it and I am still moving! 

So, y'all be patient and I plan to be back with you in a couple of weeks, once I get settled and a place to sit my computer in our new home. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The NEW Babyland General....

Ok, children of the 80s (or those who had children in the 80s), does Babyland General mean anything to you? What about Cabbage Patch Kids? Yeah, I thought so. Actually, I never owned a CBK....yes, I was sadly neglected as a child (not really, I just never really liked them) but I have found a lot of fun in taking my own children to visit Babyland General in the past. Originally, BLG was located in downtown Cleveland, GA and was in an older building where you wound around and looked at different rooms with different themes, all filled with "kids". It was fun, and generally at some point during your tour, there was a "birth" in the cabbage patch that you could observe. In the last year, or so, BLG relocated to a much larger property, so my youngest DS and I decided to check it out yesterday.

The new, much bigger Babyland General.

DD2 posing for his ever, picture taking Mommy!
Wow, what an entry.  We did have to sign in with the "nurse" before we could go in.
Babies awaiting adoption.
Apparently, even the CPKs couldn't escape the Nascar allure.
I always wondered where the storke hung out.
My adorable DS2 in the cabbage patch under the tree where the babies are "born".
OK, I must admit...the cabbage patch actually creeps me out a bit.
Yep, we are done.  DS2 and I both decided that we actually liked the old Babyland General better as this one has taken out the smaller rooms and has everything in one cavernous area.  It now feels more like a store than it did before (yes, I know it was a store but I liked the feel of the original!).  Either way, we had fun and the best part of a visit to BLG is that it is FREE!   Babyland General

Lets go to the Drive-In!

Have you ever been to the Drive-In? I mean, an honest to goodness, Drive-In movie? I have vague memories of going with my parents at some point as a child, but that is about it. So, last weekend, we decided that we needed to introduce our boys to this experience. Actually my DH hadn't ever been either! My DD had been with her friends so she got to play guide for this event.

We actually didn't stay in the car but brought our folding chairs so we could sit under the stars! It was truly like tailgating at the movies.  There was an RV full of folks and also one couple had some lovely Adirondack Chairs in the back of their pick-up truck to enjoy the movie in style!
Not only was the Drive-In fun, but it was quite the frugal adventure as well!  The tickets were $7 per adult and $4 per child and that was for a double feature (Shrek and Ironman)!  The large popcorn was only $3!!! 
Love THAT!
This was so much fun, my DH and I wondered why we hadn't been doing this on a regular basis!
Drive-Ins are a dying breed but fortunately there are some driven souls that have breathed new life into some of the old locations around the country.  Do you have one close by?  If so, why not take the family out to enjoy some might just become a habit!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Class of 2010

We made it through graduation!  My baby girl is now officially out of high school.  It was an exhausting week leading up the official event.  On Friday, as I was gathering yet more supplies for the celebration, I had to ponder...if it is like this for graduation, what on earth will a wedding bring? 

So, in never ending fashion, we are off to her college for Orientation and Registration next week!

Oh and then the next week the big move happens!!!

I need a nap.