Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Open Letter to Old Navy...

Dear Old Navy,

I am trying desperately to like you and your budget priced, fun and trendy clothing. Really, I am. My kids love you and I want to be part of the fun. See, a few weeks ago, I even blogged positively about you:!

After my glowing experience with you, I signed up for your weekly emails which promised to include coupons for additional encouragement to part with my slim amount of cash. that got me excited! You tickled my thoughts with that one. I had visions of us sharing many hours together as I carefully chose items in which to trade you my hard earned cash. .
I envisioned our future to be about regular time spent together and me making sure to keep up with your teasingly great Deal of the Week. In return, I only expected that you would put out just a little love by giving me a coupon. But, no, Old Navy, you have taunted me - and challenged my limited early morning email reading/checking skills. Through blurry eyes I have scoured your weekly email ads and tried to play your evil, self esteem killing game "click around to find the coupon". Ha! I have clicked and reclicked, and spoken not favorably under my breath about you, and still NO coupon. I have given you my email address, freely at every turn - just in case, that might provide me with just a little coupon ecstasy. What a one sided relationship this has been. I feel used, lied to and tricked for your own fun and games. Is this really what we were supposed to be about?
Couponless in the South
(BTW, The point is made better if read out loud in an emotion-filled Antonio Banderas voice or possibly as Jack Black in Nacho Libre!.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Hey, it is the 1st Day of Fall! Though, my calendar says it is officially fall, I am not seeing it. For the past week (plus a few days),we in North Georgia, aren't seeing signs of fall or feeling a few crisp breezes to get us excited about the upcoming season... We are trying to determine if we should just throw down the gauntlet and start building an Ark. For those who live in overcast and rainy climates, I don't know how you do it!!! Honestly, I think everyone I know is a bit testy due to lack of sunshine - and it is not in the least bit becoming. I know I am...grumble, grumble, grumble.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So, do you want to hear a weird thing that happened last night? DH was driving home in a horrible thunder storm and his car was struck by lightning! Yes, just a great big boom and super flash of light and his baby was dead in the road. Who knew??? What about all the stories from our childhood about how rubber (tires, shoes, etc.) protect you from lightning? I feel slightly paranoid now, what other childhood scientific theories could be wrong???? What other urban myths could I be basing my life on???
Even his Palm didn't escape damage; though it still works, it now displays a previously never seen screen (oh, and he was wired to the palm since he was on the phone!). Yep, that is MY in a million.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall Parties...

There is something in the air during the Fall that makes me want to plan parties! Big parties, small parties, dinner parties, what ever!
I know tons of you who are big on the summer bashes, but not me. Yes, I love to attend your fantabulous Summer Soirees, but I prefer my parties without sweat, you see. Maybe fall party planning helps me get in the groove for the Holiday season? Oh, who knows....anyway, I started getting my party inventory in order and have a few things I would really, really like to add to my line up. I am especially gaga over this great pitcher.
I am definitely getting one!