Thursday, September 10, 2009


So, do you want to hear a weird thing that happened last night? DH was driving home in a horrible thunder storm and his car was struck by lightning! Yes, just a great big boom and super flash of light and his baby was dead in the road. Who knew??? What about all the stories from our childhood about how rubber (tires, shoes, etc.) protect you from lightning? I feel slightly paranoid now, what other childhood scientific theories could be wrong???? What other urban myths could I be basing my life on???
Even his Palm didn't escape damage; though it still works, it now displays a previously never seen screen (oh, and he was wired to the palm since he was on the phone!). Yep, that is MY in a million.


  1. Just too weird! As long as HE is ok....but it sure blows that theory out of the water, doesn't it!

  2. Oh, my does he have curly hair now??? glad HE was ok!


  3. Good Lord...that is scary! You know, we always think we are the car!

  4. Glad your hubby is ok! My goodness!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm happy to hear that he wasn't hurt. That must have been scary.


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