Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden update...

It has been a BUSY week around here! Oldest DS has been at golf camp (day camp) and youngest DS has had swimming lessons everyday. DD even earned a little money working this week! So, my blog update is an update on how my garden grows...
I have several cucumbers coming in and if the blooms are any indication I will have more cucumbers than I know what to do with - short of making pickles!
WE picked our first tomatoes last night!
My Hot Banana Pepper are doing well but they are HOT!
Jalapenos a plenty!
Farm Living is the life for me!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A visit with the Retail Therapist...

Yesterday, DD and I headed northward to SC to visit with a friend who is truly a Retail Therapist!!! She just finds the coolest things and is an expert at "junkin". She likes to share some of her finds on her blog at . I don't know if you have ever known anyone who can find "nothing and make something" or not, but my sweet friend is one of those talented souls. Her home is so gorgeous and welcoming and in every corner there is some magic she has performed on a found object. Seeing her home was just what I needed to spark my desire to change things up a bit around here. She led DD and I on a "junkin' adventure" and we found some really neat things for a song.
DD and Miz Domestic Bliss unloading after our morning of junkin'.
Me and Miz Bliss
DD with one of Miz Bliss' faboulous stenciled porch pillows.
I love her porch with the red chairs and b&w fabric on the pillows!
My haul! I spent $15 dollars on all this! Oh, and the photo doesn't include DD's find of Clemson pom-poms and some great strands of long beads she picked up.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unhappy with my house...

Do you ever get that feeling that things have got to change? No, I am not saying the you go run out and find yourself a new hunny or trade your children in for new models kind of change, but more"these window treatments are driving me insane" kind of change.
We have been in this house for over 4 years and sadly we haven't completely managed to get every planned project done in that time frame (hey, the masterbath is point made). The practical side of me wants to wait until we finish the 1st round of "redo" before I start redoing our last redo but all the sudden it is getting hard to wait.
Just tonight I roped DH into rewiring (so that the phone & cable for internet will now be across the room from it's former location) and re-arranging our formal living room. We have never lived in any one house as long as we have lived in this one so I haven't really had to go through this season and it has taken me by surprise. We have averaged about 2.5 years in each of the houses we have owned over the years so I usually just got settled before we moved. Heck, maybe that is the reason it has taken me so long to finish up and get settled here because I don't want to move again! Anyway, I am itching for some change, some updating, some pizazz.
By the way, this photo is of no significance other than to remind me I am really beginning to think I want a new sofa in the family room.... Oh, and with my new furniture arranagement I now have the "cat" sofa (from the living room) in the dining room shoved under the front windows temporarily until I can get it to Goodwill but I feel better.

A tiny bit of retail therapy...

Yes, I gave in.
I have been being really, really good about not splurging and buying any cutsie frou, frou goodies, but today I caved. I went into one of my favorite local shops, Cozy Cottage and saw these cute napkins and the oh-so-cute monogrammed luggage tag.
I really thought the luggage tag could pop up the fun factor on my summer work bag and I think it did the trick. Oh, and the napkins....they just spoke to me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun in the Mountains...

One of the cousins was up from Florida so we decided to head north and let him experience swimming in a beautiful, mountain lake (he is a flatlander, ya know). It was a perfect day - sunny, clear and not too hot. We took a picnic and the kiddos swam and swam and then a perfect storm blew up. There was absolutely NO sign of rain/clouds when all the sudden a thunder storm formed and we had to abandon our plan! Either way, the kids had a fun time and enjoyed the special time with their cousin.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Although we are still in severe drought conditions I have some blooms in the garden. I am also excited because our Crepe Myrtles are beginning to bloom and should be weighed down with blooms by Sunday. Most of my front garden consist of plants lovingly given to me from other's gardens. The daylilies were given to me by a sweet friend who no longer lives in the area but their blooms remind me of her generous spirit. My iris' come from my great grandmother via my grandmother's garden, along with my peonies. This year I am going to have to divide most everything and can't wait to share my garden.
These Foxgloves* are some of my favorites. I am finding that the "pass along" plants are truly the best in our limited watering conditions.
What are your favorites?
*thanks Jamie!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Hair ...

I got up this morning and this was my hair...
then I went to see dear, Mrs. Debbie...
She draped and ...
she divided and then....
she cut - 2 - 10 inch ponytails!!!!
And now I am getting to know this new face and hair!
Kind of different!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am not much of a T-Shirt girl, but....

these are cute!
Profess your Belleness - because, of course, there should never be any doubt!

Friday, June 6, 2008

What do you think?

I am planning a party (albeit a bit of a "surprise" party) and I am desperately looking for some inspiration for my atmosphere. What do you think of these? I don't know if I am married to the blue look but I was thinking maybe green? With lemons/limes around to complete the summery feel? Tell me what you think....
"To create this illuminating centerpiece, place a glass vase inside another that is slightly larger (secure them with floral adhesive), and then pour tinted water in between them. Pillar candles are best for this project; not only are they pretty, but their weight will further anchor the interior vase. For added light play, make a series of these centerpieces in different shades of the same hue (a few extra drops of food coloring will yield the desired contrast). "


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let them eat cake...

On Saturday I was a wild woman! #1 I (we) stayed home the entire day - thus used NO gasoline and I actually baked a cake...unplanned, on the fly! I used the ingredients I had on hand with no recipe*** (well, I had recipes for the cake and found another for the icing and then grabbed my fruit....) and it turned out quite delish - devil's food with layers of buttercream (home made with REAL butter) frosting and fruit (peaches,grapes,pineapple & strawberries). Needless to say, the family was pleased.
***OK...edited to add...I used a recipe for the cake portion and a another recipe for the buttercream frosting but not a recipe that was all together (does that make sense???)...I kind of had to find stuff that worked with what I had on hand and then put them all together...I am blushing that I said NO recipe...just that this cake wasn't a recipe in itself.