Friday, September 21, 2007

Super Cute Shoe Friday!

Yes….this is a post about Super Cute Shoes! Thrilling, yes! Deep, no! But, eh, it is Friday so you take what you can get.

First off though, I have to say I am married to the most patient, sweetest man in the world. How do I know this, you ask? Well, when he asked me what my plans for the day were and my answer was, “To wear my new Super Cute Shoes!” he actually agreed that they are super cute, kissed me and headed down stairs to have breakfast with our boys…now, that is a sweet man! Why do I say he is the most patient? Well, that would be because as he was trying to get out the door this morning to work he not only dislodged DS2’s first “loose tooth” (which truth be known, is one of his least favorite parenting tasks!) but also willingly took some photos of said Super Cute Shoes for me so that I could share them here in blogland….Now, if that isn’t a good man…I don’t know what is!

Anyway, these are my new Super Cute Shoes! Don’t you just love them??? Before anyone rolls their eyes up in their little heads, I do know all about what "they" say about red shoes…but I have yet to hear one single thing about red plaid shoes!!!!!!!!! So I feel quite stylin’ (especially after Miss Teenage Fashion Diva lusted sufficiently over MY shoes and outfit…though I did have to borrow a bracelet from her) today in my Super Cute Shoes with cropped, dark wash, denim pants and no-to-be-out-done cute white, crochet trimmed blouse and red, faux-croc, wide headband…Oh yeah, I am cute today!


  1. Your outfit sounds SUPER cute!!! Those shoes are magnificent!

  2. Who makes those super cute shoes! I want a pair!!!

  3. Very cute shoes! Wish he had taken a photo of you wearing them though.


  4. LOVE the shoes!! Where did you get them? Your husband sounds fantastic!

    Hey, thanks somuch for passing along the award and the tag!

    And congrats on your new job!! Do you like it so far?

  5. Love the super cute shoes! Red with plaid and cute buckles- perfect.

  6. Adorable shoes!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Sandy :)

  7. I agree with the mighty "P"...super cute shoes and very styling outfit! Love the idea of the red headband.

    Hopefully I am off today to find me some super cute shoes for fall, all I have are flip flops and sandals.

  8. There is one thing you left out of your super cute description from Friday.

    You looked Super Fine!


    your DH

  9. Those shoes are super cute! I want a pair!!

  10. Is "DH" your hubby? Awwww, he snuck on and gave you a compliment. Love the plaid shoes. I'm always mad for plaid.

  11. Well, cute is very important! I love super cute shoes myself & I'd say that those definitely fit the bill. I'm a shoe girl too. I can just picture that whole outfit now.


  12. Yes, DH is my "dear husband" LOL I don't think he reads my blog regularly but heck an entry about that is worth a comment, eh? LOL He is a keeper!

  13. Hi! I was so surprised to see a comment on my blog! (well it isn't really a real blog just somewhere where I can write back and forth to people!) I loved your new shoes! Precious! Your blog made me smile! Have a blessed day! Thanks for saying hi! Emmy : )

  14. Very cute shoes. I am a shoe nut myself.

    Hope you have been doing great.

    Hugs, Lyndy

  15. Tres cute! (and cute happens to be one of my favorite words)

    I want to stock up on some cute headbands before they go out of style. They are perfect for my wavey/crazy/close to big hair from the 80s. ;)

    What a sweet husband you have. :)

  16. Those may be the cutest shoes ever :=)

    Your husband IS very sweet and patient!

    I want to see the outfit you wore with them, pretty please?

  17. The shoes are super cute, and it is even super cuter that your dh left you a post! :)

  18. love LOVE the shoes. where are they from??

    and your dh sounds like a keeper for sure!

    you and your daughter would flip....the pf changs opened this weekend at colonie mall. it is def the "nice" mall now. such a difference from even one year ago.

  19. Those are so cute. I have some red plaid heels that I just love, but I'm going to more and more flats anymore. So why didn't we get to see you in the whole outfit?


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