Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Bittersweet Days

The last few months, crazy as they may have been, created some wonderful lifetime memories.  But, if I am being honest, one date on the calendar had been etched into my mind since well before 2020 began; that date was College Move In Day for my youngest son.  As much as the world provided lots of distractions the date kept creeping up on me.  We waited patiently to make sure the college would even open on schedule...when it was announced it would...we slowly began to prepare for his departure.

What I have to note, is when we took my daughter to college, I cried everyday for at least a week...and I had still had two boys at home.  Now, I was moving my youngest several hours away and my nest would be empty.  Not to mention, this  young man and I have walked through most of his life alone.  I was a single parent for most of what he remembers and he and I only had each other day to day. We are close. He is a blessing beyond measure.   

To say his move in day was hard would be an understatement of the greatest sort.  I was thrilled for him as I knew he was going to "his place" and felt confident his choice in of colleges but I kept thinking, as the Dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" says "Why you want to leave me???"  Yes, there were tears, but mostly left for the drive away.  

Friday, August 21, 2020

Our Beautiful Beginning

 It is hard for me to imagine myself married. Even a month and a half into this new adventure I find myself smiling in surprise.  Honestly, I didn't think that was in the cards for me...but then God placed me and my sweet man in just the right place at the right time.  I am blessed.  

When it came to having a wedding, we talked about a lot of options, but ultimately wanted just to celebrate "us" with our families and, of course, within Covid-19 guidelines. The ceremony was held in one of my favorite places, the courtyard of my church on the steps of the Parish Hall. The sun was shinning, a slight breeze was blowing through the trees and our loved ones were there to make it perfect.  

After what I would call a perfect wedding we had a wonderful reception at a local restaurant which was the perfect ending to a perfect day. It was all amazing and I fully believe it is a sign that the best is yet to come.  This is an adventure I never imagined but am so glad I am here. 

And just wait until you hear about the honeymoon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lilly in life and Love!

When it was time to take some engagement photos, of course, I wanted a little Lilly love there as we were already running with Lilly Pulitzer inspiration for wedding plans.  Oh, everything seems more fun in pink and green anyway!  So off to Swan Lake and Iris Gardens we went with my favorite photographer (yes, I am biased!)... my beautiful daughter of PMD Photography.  Here is a peek at the fun! 
By the way, if you can't tell...that is one special man. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Planning a wedding in the time of Covid

Even if we weren't living in the season of Covid, I would have opted for a small, intimate wedding -  which is just what we planned. My sweet man, David, and I knew exactly what we wanted...simple and special.  It was fun leading up to the wedding and it gave me an excuse to indulge in all things pink an green, AKA Lilly Pulitzer as well.
I even got to say YES, to the dress at Lilly!

Having my baby girl right there with me, was extra special!!!  The decision on which dress was made at the Lilly Store in Savannah, GA Palm Avenue; but my local Lilly Store The Pink Cabanna was where we got the ties, shoes, dresses, etc. from and they were so sweet and worked so very hard to make sure it was all perfect!

I can't wait to show you all the other fun details of our special day!  

Monday, June 29, 2020

A thing kind of happened...

I have been single for 6 years.  Yes, it has been hard but somewhere down the line you learn to accept it and life moves on.  You realize you have the freedom to make choices you  might not otherwise have been able to move.  When 2019 was winding down I was planning to move away from Florence to parts unknown (well, I did know but you know what I mean!) and then God snuck a little wrinkle in my plan.

A friend I had know for several years through Rotary (who says Rotary Club isn't fun?) and I started hanging out.  We were literally just hanging out, because you know...I didn't want to get involved since it was only a few months until I moved away.  And them BAM, it happen, we were in a relationship...we even had the DTR talk and everything.  So move along a few weeks (yep, weeks) and I had one of the worst days as it stunk it up.  When I came home I peeled off my work clothes and switched into leggings and probably my oldest sweatshirt (I was a vision) and went to my sweet man's house.  I walked out into the field where he was walking his dogs and we down-loaded about work and headed back to his house.  When I walked in there was a gorgeous, huge bouquet of perfectly pink flowers and he told me they were for my "special day."  Special Day?  I leaned over to smell those wonderful flowers and turned around and there he was holding a box with a sparkly ring and asking me to marry him.  I was in awe...this handsome man who is so full of sweetness, love, fun, laughter, honesty, and integrity was asking me...YES ME, to marry him! No one has ever surprised me more. Of course, I had to say was love.  
Oh, and that box does have a light in be continued.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Where, Oh Where, Do I Start?

Wow…six months can bring a world of changes, hmm? 

I went into 2020 planning to return to the blogging world on a regularly schedule, only to have to stop.  THAT is another topic all together and one I probably will not be discussing but, alas…it has passed, and I can move clearly into my life…MY LIFE…beautiful words.

It almost seems as if so much has happened I should use bullet points!  I am not even sure where to start... 2020 began quietly with nothing special on the horizon, or so it seemed.

Then Covid-19 arrived.  Nope…I did not see that one coming!    
All the while Covid-19 was rattling the world, my dear, sweet baby boy was entering his last semester of high school and this crazy pandemic turned his world upside down. Right in the middle of what is usually some of the most fun and memorable moments of your high school career, he was literally and figuratively “grounded”… but not by me!  He and his friends were troopers, though, and social distanced and wore/wear masks and they made the best of not seeing each other for weeks on end.  

His college orientation weekend was canceled and rescheduled to be an online experience.  He didn’t get a last day of school, yearbook signing, goofy senior pranks, Awards Day or prom…but he did get graduation!  As May came into view our school made the decision to schedule graduation and it turned out different, but beautiful, and very special.  Though we celebrated with a limited amount of family and friends, it was still so nice to have something sort of normal!
When Covid-19 began making waves, I was working in a job I  liked, in an industry (Hospice) that I admire, and think is very important.  I must admit, working in the medical field, even outside of direct patient care, was quite unsettling as Covid-19 rolled in and shook everyone up.  Outside of my view God was at work in my world and He, out of the blue, presented me with a career that I had always wanted, working with a fabulous team of dedicated professionals and the opportunity to give back directly to MY community in a way that I had missed with my previous position in which I was traveling all the time.  It was a gift I never saw coming and I was excited  to be back “in town” and not being on the road so much!
So...I guess this is bullet point 1!  I will be back with bullet point 2 of 2020 soon!