Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Gall!

This past week has been pretty eventful and then not eventful…what? You ask? Well, on Wednesday I went in for surgery to have my gallbladder removed. As you can imagine the rush to get everything done that needed to be done before made the beginning of the week a crazy few days…but after, it has been kinda nice and quiet!

The surgery went fine (apparently, though my gallbladder was “packed” full of gallstones…that according to the surgeon…I guess that would be a technical term?). It was done as outpatient surgery (thank the Good Lord!) and I was home that evening. So, now you see why I haven’t had anything delightful to write about this week! Maybe next week will be better.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

More snow photos...

Sadly, our snow never amounted to quite what was forcast but the children had some fun playing in the tiny bit that did arrive.
They had to seek out the "best" places to attempt some sledding.

At least there was enough for some sneak attack snow ball throwing!

It is snowing in North Georgia! is snowing (for the 2nd time this week!).

When we lived in Upstate NY this wouldn't have qualified as a snow but since we have yet to see any real snow in the 4 years since being back in GA this is a pretty big deal! Also, this is the 1st real snow for our lab Dixie Belle - she loves it! DD was tossing snow balls in the air and Dixie Belle had a great time "catching" them. Oh, and DD says her Wellies were wonderful out in the snow and so fashionable!

I will take more photos later in the afternoon when the boys are out and about so you can see our tiny bit of winter in the south.