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The Saying "I am sunshine mixed with a little hurricane" might be the best version of who I am.  I am happy, God-blessed, and a whole lot of extra.  I love my God, my husband, my amazing adult children, my furbabies, my job, helping others, my community, Bible study, pink and green, Lilly Pulitzer, Southern Culture, Spanish Moss blowing on the breeze, nights under a clear sky of stars, shoes, clothes, and lipstick. 

I also struggle with depression and anxiety.  Yes, I am a Christian and a Christian can be depressed.  That is a battle I win more often than I lose so I am counting it all joy. I own my mistakes and try to learn from them and not repeat them.  My goals are to work with others who have these same struggles and help them understand the war may seem more than you can handle but you can be victorious.

I love hard and fully and am passionate about living a beautiful (inside and out) life. I  have a hard time letting go when I love because when I love, it is complete.  This part of me has always been there but through loss only has it become a driving force in who I am.  My goals in life are to expand my passion for living a wonderful life for others in any way I can.

If you ask my husband I think he would tell you I am messy but exacting. I am a nester and am constantly thinking and making our home evolve inside and out. I have crazy ideas that I share with him about his business. I get frustrated but rarely angry.  I love to read and not watch TV so much and I will not watch one of those fast car driving movies ONE.MORE.TIME.  I have come to the place where I know every moment is fleeting and I fight to live in this moment rather than the one that just passed or the one that may or may not ever come.  

Yes, I am extra....but I am completely, totally in love with extra!

“O afflicted one, storm-tossed and not comforted, behold, I will set your stones in antimony, and lay your foundations with sapphires."
Isaiah 54:11

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  1. This really old thread(now 2022!)has awesome mom,no reason to be down.Godly too.Hope all turned out well for you and great family.2006 so long ago.


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