Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New purse...

Just thought I would share a photo of my NEW purse. It is in a pink and brown paisley print with a polka dot coordinating fabric (I just love polka dots...not on me -- that would be scary -- but in other things) and lined with a brown/pink gingham fabric.

This purse was a real steal and I found it in a not so ordinary place. You see this past summer my DD was taking a Latin Class and for what ever reason (cheap rent is my guess) the teacher has a store front as his "studio/classroom" and it is in the...ah...not typical retail section of town (but the part where you can actually find competition between Bail Bondsmen). On one side of the studio is a thrift shop and on the other side a place that sells "art"...you know the kind you buy to coordinate with your sofa. They have pictures ranging from Elvis silhouetted above a snowy church (???) to a giant Malcom X (complete with pants hanging down so far that his drawers are showing from here to Kingdom Come...somehow I didn't realize that particular fashion trend went back to Malcom X...but then who am I to nit pick?...heck for all I know Malcom X started the whole falling down drawers thing...I bet if I looked hard enough I could have found one with Elvis and Malcom together but I was in a hurry.). Oh, and they most definately had Dogs playing Poker!

Anyway, about a month into DD's Latin course the "Art Selling" shop started to put purses in the window...not just purses, but CUTE purses. I mean really cute, unique purses! I would look at them from afar as I really wasn't too comfortable with this part of town and the thought that "art" might just be a front for some other kind of nifty business...nifty but not my kind of retail therapy, of course. Finally, though, on her last Latin class I decided they might very well be a front for something else but heck...they were fronting with really cute purses....so I went in. It was actually a pretty nice little shop on the inside and the lady who helped me was sweet as pie. So, I guess you can't judge a shop by its locale and I was very excited to get my cute new purse for only $22! Oh, and I made it out without one scary thing happening...though none of my friends really seem to believe I got it on the seedy side of town (though, they do have a deep interest in just why I was even over there!).

When I got it home I promptly called my new bestest friend (well, she might just think we are friendly aquaintences but I love her, I tell ya!) who does monogramming. I sent her my purse and (for just a teenie few dollars) she whipped up a monogram on it and now my cheapy purse looks all preppy and chic! She is just so sweet and does such great quality work and very quickly that DD and I both just love her to death. She hasn't balked at anything we have come up with to be monogram and that is a quality that I can appreciate beyond words! She is a Mompreneur and has a cute business called Angela in Stitches http://www.angelainstitches.net/. Angela in Stitches doesn't really keep alot of inventory but loves to work with you on what ever you need. Have I mentioned that I just love her and wish I could have her bring her monogramming genie skills over to my house and just go to town on everything here?

Monday, August 20, 2007

No more fat for me...now cover your mouth when you cough!

Do you think it possible? Could we catch fat? There is a new study out that questions just this…saying there is a cold virus that causes us to get, uh…pleasantly plumb or maybe “pretty plus” (if you know what that is I can tell ya where your Mom shopped for you!). http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=070820190918.uugdj3g0&show_article=1

Hmmmmm….a cold virus? So, that is why I battle my ever expanding self! I knew I had become germ phobic for a good reason and it wasn’t just to avoid catching some horrid strain of bubonic plague…I don’t wanna catch me no more fat! But I am just glad to know it isn’t caused by any cream filled cake products, or say, fried okra or biscuits -- which I love -- and isn't held off by exercise --not so much love--…whew! Now hand over the antibacterial wipes!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, love of my life....

This is the man I love...I met him in 1985 and rode around in his "borrowed" corvette...we got engaged in 1986...we married in 1988...we had our 1st child in 1991...our 2nd in 1997...our 3rd in 2001...and I love him even more in 2007. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good home needed....

This season of life for me is bringing some really uncomfortable changes. One being, that we have decided to sell my car. Yes, the Volvo is going. Yes, I have actually shed a few tears over this one…not because I don’t agree with the decision (I actually suggested it several months ago) but because I love that car and I kinda (sorta) don’t like my mini-van in a “it makes me feel fat” kind of way. Oh yes…it is all about me and all about vanity.

This sweet car has been my companion in a sea of giant BOHVs (AKA: Big, Ole, Honkin’ Vehicles or SUVs if that makes you feel better) and mini-vans in the carpool line for lots of years. It is 11 years old and way past the 200k point but I think it still looks pretty spiffy. Unfortunately, it has decided that it isn’t comfortable in supporting my addiction to A/C on a guaranteed, must have or I get really cranky basis. I have wrestled with the decision to either pump the money into fixing it or just selling it as is and driving the mini-van (which is much newer, with way less miles and has a kickin’ AC but gets amazinly bad gas mileage) that sits idly by in the garage. The big advantage to that is that it will greatly reduce the appearance of a used car dealership in my drive way (with the mini-van, dd’s car, dh’s car, and my car we kinda look that way even with 2 continually in the garage…not to mention the annoying auto version of musical cars we have to sometimes play to get chosen vehicle out of said garage…the neighbors must just sigh and give thanks that at least none of them were up on blocks!).

I do know this shall not be my last Volvo (I feel like I should be dirty and sweaty and standing in a turnip field as I say this), nor was it my 1st! I have my heart set on a C70 (yes, that would be the cool, “safe” convertible!) but it will take some time to find a price that is right as we have developed a severe allergy to car payments.

So, for the time being….Must Loved Volvo For Sale to good home (references required)….lots of miles, very reliable, has carried lots of car seats, sunroof, all power, leather, underseat fries and M&M stains no charge, new brakes and CD/Stereo, A/C needs work but a fantastic car and a rare "amethyst" color…….

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another friend has caught the blog-bug!

Before I head out to the pool I wanted to plug my girlie friends new blog (she just started...shall we say peer pressure??). http://virginiasweetpea.blogspot.com/ Y'all welcome her to blogland because I must be good to her since she is my direct pipeline to the J. Crew Clearance store (which, BTW, is way better than the outlet stores that are across the country!).

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I graduated....in case you need proof!

So my back to school experience has officially ended and here's proof...teehee.....

and even more proof....
Since the degree is in Management, I wonder if I can manage to get my laundry caught up?

The 1st Day was a success!

They all had a great day and enjoyed our 1st Day of School Celebation.

Why yes, it is Hawt!

Hey, aren't we lucky? We are in the "cooler" northern area of the state and rumor has it that it is much hotter elsewhere. So...in my world this number translates to about 752 degrees.



Where are you???

Oh yeah...cute water bottle coozie and funky lunch bags!

The boys really like their camo lunch gear!

DD loved her new coozie/water bottle holder!

Well, They are Off and Running....

My boys are ready for school! They always have a bit of wait time for big sister to get ready to go.

I was really pleased with how the 1st morning of the new year went! The boys got up and dressed then had breakfast with their Dad and he started back with their morning Bible Study (this didn't happen during the summer as the boys were not up as early as Dad) while I made snacks and water bottles and "listened". I love to listen as they read and discuss the Bible and life together. It is a precious, precious time for my men.

Of course, I snapped a ton of photos but this is one of all three before we got in the car to head out.

The drop off went well. DS2 actually didn't want me to walk in with him...but he was just out of luck. Yes, I did cry.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back to school with style!

This week has been busy as the children get ready to head back to class after their [too short] summer break tomorrow!

Today was spent doing some final errands such as picking up a few things from the uniform store and a quick stop by Belk http://www.belk.com/ as they are having a GREAT Clinique Bonus Days event right now : http://www.allureaccess.com/0708/win2.cfm and I just happen to be conveniently out of a couple of things. This is a really good bonus, as it includes an offer for 1 year of Allure Magazine http://www.alluremagazine.com for only $6...and for a magazine-a-holic like myself, THAT is a deal I can't pass up!
We then had our last "lunch with Dad" that the kids can do until a holiday and then got both DS's backpacks packed with all their new goodies. DD spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing her room (the boys have already gotten that done!) and getting all her fantastic and "fashionable" back to school supplies ready.

We had Open House at school last night and I have to say it was probably the best one we have attended in recent years. There was genuine fellowship and lots of fun and it seemed everyone lingered on and on as if they didn't want to leave. That sense of community is what I love about our school.

I know that the drop off in the morning, for me, will be a bit bitter-sweet as DS2 is starting Kindergarten and it will officially usher out an old season and begin a new one all at once. I remember walking DS1 into the very same room 5 years ago, when I was pregnant with DS2...how does it go so fast?

Well, anyway...on a lighter note...I did want to show you what a cute calculator pouch DD has for her multi-function, slightly [well maybe a whole lot] scary to me calculator (hey it may have cost $139 but if you plug it up to your computer it can print stickers! WhooHooo!???!). The pouch was actually "free" with the calculator purchase but we sent it to our wonderful monogramming friend and she pumped up the cute level 110%, don't you think?
I will post a picture tomorrow of DD's cute water bottle holder but for now it is in her "back to school" surprise bag along with some monogram stickers and such so I will have to wait to snap a picture and share. The boys both got cute personalized, blue & grey camo (why do boys like camo if they are not hunters?) lunch boxes as their "back to school" surprise.

Happy Back to School!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We won! We Won!

Well, no me or "we" but Mt. Carmel did! A few weeks ago I posted and requested that folks go to the Burger King's Campaign For Your Cause contest that was award ing monies to organizations recovering from Katrina Damage and cast a vote for Mt. Carmel. I have a friend whos DD attends Mt. Carmel....guess what??? They won a cool $50,000! Won't that be a wonderful step in making the school what is was pre-Katrina? Thank you for everyone who voted for Mt. Carmel!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mama Drama

You are looking at a rather large pile of “baby book”…yes, I said “baby books”. They are classified as such by my no longer a baby boy. I spent the better part of today with him as we (READ: I) attempted to pare down the huge accumulation of stuff in his room. Most of the day was a pattern of me trying to take things out of his room without him reclaiming them before I was even down the stairs with what ever item had become an instant treasured possession.

This whole exercise made me acutely aware of the season of parenting I am leaving. For the first time in 15 years we will not longer have a pre-schooler in our home (starting this week); DS2 enters kindergarten and we officially leave that pre-school season behind.

Of course, there are continual reminders of how big he and his brother an sister are getting, but the cleaning out and sorting through the books made me realize these books have stayed on our shelves for me more than anyone else. It has been a long while since DS2 would consider reading a “baby book”. I looked through books that have seen us through 3 babies, and with that, many nights of rocking little ones before bedtime and sharing a story or two, lots of time sitting the floor reading and looking at these wonderful little books and the joy of happening upon a toddler sitting alone and looking at a book. Some of these books are well worn from phases when a child would insist that they be read daily for what probably seemed like months…others I know by heart.

I am giving them away and I hope there are others who will enjoy as much as we did. I must admit there were a few special ones that I tucked away in my room because I just couldn’t part with them…”baby books” or not.

This is going to be a Mama Drama week...I can feel it!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back to School stuff...cute and cheap!

Today I found these cute additions for our back to school lunches. DD got the princess and Hello Kitty while the boys got Spiderman, of course! These are "ice packs" and lunch containers and they were just a big, old Dollar each (2 ice packs in a package and 1 large and 1 small container for a $1)! How cool is that? They were in Target's $1 bins and now I am just excited thinking of neat lunches to pack with such cute containers.

Speaking of lunches I like to do fun things even for my DD who is in high school. Some of my favorite things to do:

  • I like to wrap fun, colorful cutlery in neat napkins and tie with a bit of left over ribbon. I will hit places like Party City and pick up clearance birthday party napkins just for this.

  • Use that "gel icing" that comes in tubes to drawn cute patterns or designs on sandwiches...even a monogram on occasion.

  • I like to use my Pampered Chef "circle sandwich" maker and the kids love them.

  • Include a card every so often or even just a Post-It note with a little note.

  • I will include a favorite candy, on occasion, which is a huge surprise and special treat (Lindt Lindor Balls are a favorite)

  • Cut sandwiches into their initial.

  • Sometimes, when strawberries are plentiful, I will wash and hule a huge amount an include a big bowl of them to share with friends along with a little packet of powdered sugar to sprinkle on top...THAT is a big hit.

So, share some of your fun ideas for kids lunches!