Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back to school with style!

This week has been busy as the children get ready to head back to class after their [too short] summer break tomorrow!

Today was spent doing some final errands such as picking up a few things from the uniform store and a quick stop by Belk as they are having a GREAT Clinique Bonus Days event right now : and I just happen to be conveniently out of a couple of things. This is a really good bonus, as it includes an offer for 1 year of Allure Magazine for only $6...and for a magazine-a-holic like myself, THAT is a deal I can't pass up!
We then had our last "lunch with Dad" that the kids can do until a holiday and then got both DS's backpacks packed with all their new goodies. DD spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing her room (the boys have already gotten that done!) and getting all her fantastic and "fashionable" back to school supplies ready.

We had Open House at school last night and I have to say it was probably the best one we have attended in recent years. There was genuine fellowship and lots of fun and it seemed everyone lingered on and on as if they didn't want to leave. That sense of community is what I love about our school.

I know that the drop off in the morning, for me, will be a bit bitter-sweet as DS2 is starting Kindergarten and it will officially usher out an old season and begin a new one all at once. I remember walking DS1 into the very same room 5 years ago, when I was pregnant with does it go so fast?

Well, anyway...on a lighter note...I did want to show you what a cute calculator pouch DD has for her multi-function, slightly [well maybe a whole lot] scary to me calculator (hey it may have cost $139 but if you plug it up to your computer it can print stickers! WhooHooo!???!). The pouch was actually "free" with the calculator purchase but we sent it to our wonderful monogramming friend and she pumped up the cute level 110%, don't you think?
I will post a picture tomorrow of DD's cute water bottle holder but for now it is in her "back to school" surprise bag along with some monogram stickers and such so I will have to wait to snap a picture and share. The boys both got cute personalized, blue & grey camo (why do boys like camo if they are not hunters?) lunch boxes as their "back to school" surprise.

Happy Back to School!!!


  1. Good Luck tomorrow!! I feel for you :)

  2. Good Luck to every one in this new school year :)

  3. I'm glad you had such a nice feeling at school the other day. That's a wonderful sign. School is starting way too soon...I completely agree.

    Your daughter's calculator pouch is adorable!

  4. Sounds like you guys are all ready! It sounds like a great start to a great year! Good luck!

  5. Thanks...I am going to need it (they won't, but I will!).

  6. Cute monogrammed calculator pouch and how cool that you can hook the cal. up to the computer for stickers!
    Hope all of your children have a wonderful first day and their school sounds divine!


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