Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well, They are Off and Running....

My boys are ready for school! They always have a bit of wait time for big sister to get ready to go.

I was really pleased with how the 1st morning of the new year went! The boys got up and dressed then had breakfast with their Dad and he started back with their morning Bible Study (this didn't happen during the summer as the boys were not up as early as Dad) while I made snacks and water bottles and "listened". I love to listen as they read and discuss the Bible and life together. It is a precious, precious time for my men.

Of course, I snapped a ton of photos but this is one of all three before we got in the car to head out.

The drop off went well. DS2 actually didn't want me to walk in with him...but he was just out of luck. Yes, I did cry.


  1. Wow...great looking kids, every one of them!

    It's so nice they start their day off with the bible and their Dad. What a wonderful first lesson of the day.


  2. Thanks! I think these changing seasons of parenthood can be God's way of making us stop and really look at them!

  3. Perfect way to begin the day! Beautiful kids!

  4. Your children are beautiful!

    We had the first day of kindergarten today and my daughter didn't even bat an eye! She has been SOOOO excited.

    p.s. it is hotter than HOT here too in Nashville...I am actually ready for fall days...don't want to rush it but the heat...ugh!


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