Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back to School stuff...cute and cheap!

Today I found these cute additions for our back to school lunches. DD got the princess and Hello Kitty while the boys got Spiderman, of course! These are "ice packs" and lunch containers and they were just a big, old Dollar each (2 ice packs in a package and 1 large and 1 small container for a $1)! How cool is that? They were in Target's $1 bins and now I am just excited thinking of neat lunches to pack with such cute containers.

Speaking of lunches I like to do fun things even for my DD who is in high school. Some of my favorite things to do:

  • I like to wrap fun, colorful cutlery in neat napkins and tie with a bit of left over ribbon. I will hit places like Party City and pick up clearance birthday party napkins just for this.

  • Use that "gel icing" that comes in tubes to drawn cute patterns or designs on sandwiches...even a monogram on occasion.

  • I like to use my Pampered Chef "circle sandwich" maker and the kids love them.

  • Include a card every so often or even just a Post-It note with a little note.

  • I will include a favorite candy, on occasion, which is a huge surprise and special treat (Lindt Lindor Balls are a favorite)

  • Cut sandwiches into their initial.

  • Sometimes, when strawberries are plentiful, I will wash and hule a huge amount an include a big bowl of them to share with friends along with a little packet of powdered sugar to sprinkle on top...THAT is a big hit.

So, share some of your fun ideas for kids lunches!


  1. Cute lunch items. I love Target. Things seem to just jump in my cart though :-)

    I always tried to make my kids lunches fun too and always wrote a note to them on their napkin.

    Good Mommy!


  2. I love the back to school things you found! And love the special touches that you do...I know they will feel loved and remember those things!

    I was just reading your reply on Restoring the Years, and you said it so well. I do home school- entering my 3rd year- but I have doubts, maybe more than ever this time around, if I'm denying more than giving. But so far, I am feeling down deep that it is what God would have me do again this year.
    So you are so right...we all have our doubts about our choices sometimes...and I'm sure if I did send them to public school, I'd have doubts about that! But all we can do is listen to what God is saying to us personally and try to listen to our hearts and that of our children.
    Sounds like you are doing that! :)

  3. Tammy,
    Thank you for that can be scary waters to wade into and comment on "Mom" stuff. I question my choices and now as I begin the "ending phase" of one child (she is entering 10th)I am affirmed by God through lots of the much better than I made choices in life. LOL

  4. Those lucky kids of yours will always cherish their lunch memories thanks to a great mom like you! I bet others kids who share the berries will too! So sweet, love, Lori

  5. Target is our new neighbor. Whoo-hoo!
    Have you seen the cute site
    janelle has some of the best ideas for sack lunches. She also has Talk of Tomatoes~ where we post a centerpiece of the month.
    You will be the best mommy in the lunchroom!

  6. What a great mommy you are! I will have to try some of your special touches this year!

  7. Thank you SO much for the awesome ideas. I am new to all of this! My daughter has adamantly told me that she wants to bring her lunch (in her cute purple Disney Princess lunchbox.)

    Great ideas! :)


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