Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mama Drama

You are looking at a rather large pile of “baby book”…yes, I said “baby books”. They are classified as such by my no longer a baby boy. I spent the better part of today with him as we (READ: I) attempted to pare down the huge accumulation of stuff in his room. Most of the day was a pattern of me trying to take things out of his room without him reclaiming them before I was even down the stairs with what ever item had become an instant treasured possession.

This whole exercise made me acutely aware of the season of parenting I am leaving. For the first time in 15 years we will not longer have a pre-schooler in our home (starting this week); DS2 enters kindergarten and we officially leave that pre-school season behind.

Of course, there are continual reminders of how big he and his brother an sister are getting, but the cleaning out and sorting through the books made me realize these books have stayed on our shelves for me more than anyone else. It has been a long while since DS2 would consider reading a “baby book”. I looked through books that have seen us through 3 babies, and with that, many nights of rocking little ones before bedtime and sharing a story or two, lots of time sitting the floor reading and looking at these wonderful little books and the joy of happening upon a toddler sitting alone and looking at a book. Some of these books are well worn from phases when a child would insist that they be read daily for what probably seemed like months…others I know by heart.

I am giving them away and I hope there are others who will enjoy as much as we did. I must admit there were a few special ones that I tucked away in my room because I just couldn’t part with them…”baby books” or not.

This is going to be a Mama Drama week...I can feel it!


  1. Oh, I so know what you mean. I have stashed several of those things away to remind me of when my boys were younger. How exciting that you and your DH are entering a new phase in parenthood - Kindergarteners! How fun. Really does seem like yesterday that mine started Kindergarten.
    Have a wonderful week ~ I'm sure it will be filled with joy, tears and lots of memories!

  2. I can well remember the day I went through the bookcase sorting out the books!
    I gave a lot to Goodwill and those "special" ones that I just couldn't part with are packed away in the closet! One day I may want to read them to my grandchildren!

  3. Thanks for the comment! I love to have new people stop by. I'm so glad my baby doesn't start kindergarten for another year...a freshman and my baby going to kindergarten in one year would totally make me take to my bed for bit. Good luck with the cleaning...I tend to sneak things out when they aren't home:)

  4. why not box those books up for the grandkids? :)

  5. My "baby" just turned 5 this year, and I have yet to part with the shelves of baby books. It's so hard, isn't it. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ~Karlie

  6. Exactly true.

    They will thank us someday, right?

  7. Oh- this brought a tear to my eye. Glad you kept the special ones- you have to.. and so great to pass on the others to share and keep them giving happiness to others.


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