Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden update...

It has been a BUSY week around here! Oldest DS has been at golf camp (day camp) and youngest DS has had swimming lessons everyday. DD even earned a little money working this week! So, my blog update is an update on how my garden grows...
I have several cucumbers coming in and if the blooms are any indication I will have more cucumbers than I know what to do with - short of making pickles!
WE picked our first tomatoes last night!
My Hot Banana Pepper are doing well but they are HOT!
Jalapenos a plenty!
Farm Living is the life for me!


  1. Your little garden looks great! And to think...homegrown tomato sandwiches soon!! I hope you don't mind, but I am going to copy the container veggie garden on my deck next year...1) my deck is BORING, 2) I should be able to manage containers 3) It really is the only legitimate space I have for a garden 4) The deer can't get to it & 5) You always have the best ideas!!

    Love ya,

  2. Love your garden...there is nothing in the world like home grown! And it looks like you have plenty just in those pots! Happy gardening!

  3. Your garden looks great!! I LOVE homegrown veggies. We have been dry here, need some rain BAD.

  4. Home grown veggies, there's nothing better. Looks great!

  5. Your garden looks good. I am going to try this next year. Thanks for sharing it. Nancy

  6. Meant to add ealier: We grilled some delicious Vidalia onions this evening and opened the jar of vidalia relish too. Both were oh, so good.


  7. Your veggies look great. We planted some tomatoes this year for the first time. Hope they turn out as well as yours are.

  8. I can't believe you grew all that on your deck!!!! WOW!!!!

    You are just too neat!

    Are those banana peppers really hot? They look too cute to be a tongue 'ouch'!


  9. Hi, Belle ...

    Thank you for visiting my Southern Lagniappe, and for taking the time to leave a note.

    I'm so glad it led me to your sweet Southern Somedays." I, too, think of myself as a "Southern Belle," and enjoyed reading your stories and seeing your pretty pictures.

    I'll be back to visit again soon.


  10. Bell -ah,
    Please stop by my blog...I have a little something for you - it's an award:)

  11. Nice garden! We're starting to reap from ours too now and it's so good! My banana peppers are mild. Hot ones are way too hot for me.

    By the way, I stopped by after seeing your award on Becky's blog. Congrats!

  12. Great minds DO think alike! It is so nice to meet you. You have been blogging longer than I, so you have the right to being called "The Original Southern Somedays" :) I shall bow in your presence.

    I love your "Southern Somedays"...I will visit often.

    Best wishes, Stacy (the other Southern Somedays)

  13. Your deck garden is beautiful! Do you have wildlife eating anything you grow? I get our deck tomatoes just about to start coloring up, and some little animal comes by in the night to eat those green tomatoes. It's so sad!

  14. You have a beautiful blog home, simply lovely. I enjoyed looking around, your garden is amazing!

    I found you while visiting Rebecca :).

    Kathi :)

  15. Now I am bummed we didn;t plant tomatoes this year! Beautiful.

  16. Wonderful garden!
    We haven't had one in a couple years...and even when we did, not everything seemed to grow well. But I miss seeing the produce that did work come up and picking them! :)

    My girls are both finishing up everyday swimming too...


  17. What a great idea to garden on your deck! And to think I wasted space, containers and water on geraniums!! I sure hope you have enough tomatoes to spare......! Love you, girl! Judy

  18. Great pictures and GREAAAATT Haircut!!! Love it!!! Looks like the Retail Therapy trip was good! I need to go soon.... karol

  19. Garden looks great. I am jealous as I have no red tomatoes yet!

  20. SO pretty! Hey, Emily from First Bapt Hart. said to tell you hello ;) Turns out she found my blog one day while looking at yours, and viola, she realized there were connections.

  21. Did you plant your vegitables in pots? I can't tell from the picture. If so, I'll ahve to try that. :) How in the world did you keep the lil southern critters away?


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