Thursday, June 19, 2008

A tiny bit of retail therapy...

Yes, I gave in.
I have been being really, really good about not splurging and buying any cutsie frou, frou goodies, but today I caved. I went into one of my favorite local shops, Cozy Cottage and saw these cute napkins and the oh-so-cute monogrammed luggage tag.
I really thought the luggage tag could pop up the fun factor on my summer work bag and I think it did the trick. Oh, and the napkins....they just spoke to me.


  1. Oh cute! That's one thing I miss in NYC - super cute stores!

  2. Girl, I would have bought that monogrammed tag too!!! Okay, I am passing along a tag....You have been tagged to post 5 of YOUR FAVORITE THINGS, it can be books, people, places, collections, just whatever....I hope you don't mind. Thanks, Nancy

  3. Well, I could not have left the tag there. Hm...I feel a field trip to my local cute store coming on.

  4. Who can resist a luggage tag as cute as that one?!? I would've bought one too if I were you.


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