Friday, September 12, 2008


I did say I would blog about Cotillion, didn’t I? Well, my oldest DS started Cotillion training last weekend. To say that he was less than thrilled is an understatement, but hey…I still pay the rent!
We did have to pick up a new blazer, which he liked pretty well, but I am not sure it goes with the t-shirt and plaid shorts - but at least he is wearing it. Of course, lots of friends were in the class, so he did have some moral support. When I picked him up he said it wasn’t as bad as he had thought it would be; except the two girls he had to dance with stepped on his feet and apparently one girl had really sweaty hands (go figure THAT would bother HIM, considering he is usually covered in sweat and muck from playing ball - maybe girl hand sweat is more offensive????). Fortunately, since the 1st experience “wasn’t as bad as I thought” his attitude about going back has greatly improved. Hmmm....


  1. I'm following this adventure with interest, especially since you've enrolled your son! Mine is six years old and I'm afraid our local cotillion is in his future, too, likely with the same enthusiasm. I love how he's styled the blazer! He's making it work with HIS look. :)

  2. I loved cotillion.

    I hope he enjoys it!

  3. Sweaty girl hands....ewwww!! In our local cotillion program, the girls wear white gloves for this very reason.

    DD is assisting with Cotillion again this year, but working with the 1st year program. Last year she worked with 2nd year students. She too attended Cotillion for 3 years and loved it.

    I think it is a wonderful program and so glad to see parents getting their children involved.

    I assume he has to wear a tie... it is quite cute when the boys come out of cotillion here, they immediately pull the shirt tails out and loosen the tie.

    By the way, DS1 grows more handsome every day!! You got some heartbreakers on your hands!! :D

  4. Well, not that he likes to hear this at this point...but very handsome!

  5. how exciting, i love the photo of your son looking back through the mirror - too funny!


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