Monday, September 15, 2008

Where the River Ends by Charles Martin...

If you haven't read must. I have been in love with Charles Martin's work since readingWhen Chrickets Cry (which was my favorite of all his books until this one). I love Nicolas Sparks and his novels but Charles Martin just takes my breathe away.


  1. I agree...this is a must read. I finished it while at the beach and it is absolutely wonderful. A love story for the ages.

  2. Hey Belle!

    I've read two of Charles Martin's books, Wrapped in Rain, and The Dead Don't Dance. I found them to be deep and intense. I enjoyed them but both books struck something deep inside me that, like you said, took my breath away. I haven't yet read When Crickets Cry although I have thumbed through it several times. I feel like its something I have to "prepare" myself for, if that makes sense.

  3. Rebecca - I completely and totally understand! You definately need to read Maggie (which is the sequel to The Dead Don't Dance) also....but When Crickets Cry and Where the River Ends are in a league of their own and are so complex and do take you are a journey.

  4. Rebecca....I thought of you while reading Where the River Ends.

    Belle-ah, I am so glad you posted about this book. I read it over vacation and loved it. In fact, I met 2 ladies on the beach who had been vacationing in the motel next to our beach place for the last 30 years. They were older than me by about 25 years, but one of them was reading the book same time I was. Great way to meet someone new!

    By the way, stop by my blog when you get the chance, I have something for you!

  5. I have read all of Charles Martin's book and love his wrting style. Where the River ends was one of my favorites.
    I am actually getting ready to post a book give away on my blog by CM - Chasing Fireflies.


  6. I have not read any of his books. Thanks for the suggestion. I just finished Sparks' "The Choice" last night. I did not expect the tearful ending, which was nice. I have read where many found the ending "expected", but I did not.


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