Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yep, we now have 2 teenagers in our house. DS1 morphed into a teenager over night. I can't believe it. I found myself looking at him, now that he is getting taller than I am, and wondering what the next season of his life will bring him and our family. On his birthday, he and I took some rare Mom/Son time and went to see a great movie, The Blind Side (if you haven't seen it GO, GO, GO!). I hope that I can learn to be a good mom to a young man and we can navigate the challenges ahead with God as our guide. I can't begin to express what a blessing he has been to me. He has stretched my life and shown me a side of God I never knew. I am so blessed.

My DS1 is a wonderful young man with a sensitive spirit that I think he battles hiding in this world. I am proud of him and hope that he never loses his concern for others. I love this young man so much (young


  1. What a sweet Mom you are! I'm very sure you will be a wonderful teen son Mom as well.

  2. I have a "sensitive" one too, only now he's 25. I know, the "wow" moments all too well. But how thankful I am for such a gift.

    You said "I hope that I can learn to be a good mom to a young man..." I have a feeling you've already learned that lesson my friend. Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

  3. Those boys just grow too fast! I cant believe mine is 19..YIKES! I guess I musr be the only person left on this planet that has not seen that movie. I must go~ Thanks

  4. What a sweet momma you are! My Miss Priss is about to turn 10 and it just seems like yesterday that she was a baby. Hope your having a great day! I am headed to read your soap opera post now. I am such a junkie! {hee hee} XOXO


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