Friday, January 29, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Last week was Homecoming at my children's school, so it was a flurry of activity all week. One of the biggest highlights was that DD was on Homecoming Court, which was so much fun for her.

During the Homecoming game pep rally she was escorted by her little brothers! I don't know that they appreciated the experience like they should have!
During the Walk-Out for the Homecoming festivities, she was escorted by her handsome Daddy!
It was another one of those bitter sweet nights for a Mom. She is a Senior and our time of sharing events like this with her is ebbing away...the countdown is on ,and I hear the ticking of the clock much louder than I would like. Only one or two more formal occasions in her High School career and after that, well...I will be lucky if I see photos on Facebook. Sigh....
Since we all love the shoes!
She and her handsome date getting ready to catch a limo with friends to the Homecoming Dance.
Aren't' they cute?
Ahhh, to be young again.............


  1. She is so beautiful! What wonderful memories.

  2. She is a beauty! And what darlin' little brothers!! Yes, Daddy is a handsome gent - She is a beauty just like YOU. Where is she going to school? I can't remember if you've told us! xoox

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! I love those shoes too! Homecoming was always so fun! The dress the feels like yesterday, man I'm growing up too fast :)haha

  4. She is just beautiful. have three handsome men in your life. Lucky lady!

  5. Hey! I'm visiting from SerenityNow. Love your blog. Your daughter is beautiful! It almost makes me miss high school.

    LOVE the shoes!

  6. She is beautiful! Love the white dress.

  7. Okay, now I came over here and teared up at your homecoming post :-) Gives perspective to my big mama tears over my duaghter's first grade class video.

    Thanks for reading!


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