Monday, January 11, 2010

How could I forget?

I was reminded by a little birdy this morning that I hadn't posted anything about our exciting visit from a Washington, DC VIP in December. I don't know how I forgot to blog about it, as it seemed to consume a week of our very limited December (which is probably why I felt a huge crunch in getting ready for Christmas this year and why I blogged very little about Christmas happenings around the Southern Somedays homestead!!!).

Anyway, I did post about our great anniversary trip but didn't include how the afterglow of that trip quickly dissipated when we arrived back home. When our plane touched down in Atlanta, DH immediately received a call telling him he needed to meet with the Secret Service 1st thing on Monday mornings....WHAT? Well, his plant (he is the Director of Operations) was going to be hosting the Vice President of the...ah....United States for a press conference later in the week. Talk about something out of left field. No, that was NOT a veiled political comment!

So, on the day of the press conference DD and I managed to be cleared to be there. We apparently are NOT (thanks Hiedi! :0) on any "bad people" list. DD even got to tag along with the official White House Photog on the private tour to take pictures! What a hoot for a high school senior.

DD, Vice President Joe Biden, DH and me!DH, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue (we love Sonny!), DD

We didn't see much of DH that week as it seemed there was always something to deal with in preparation. DH refers to it as the week he hung out with 20 of his newest, best friends (the kind that know EVERYTHING about you). It was really interesting seeing how something like this comes together and all the folks that make it happen. The logistics would leave you in awe!

So, no matter where you fall politically, I have to say it was a pretty cool day!


  1. That is just too cool! How fun for you and your family. And what an honor! I would love a detailed post on the logistics + prep work. So fabulous! xoox

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following :)! Also, thank you so much for the photo header compliments! That was the best day of my life! Be sure to stop back by and see the little treat I have for you! Love the blog! Looking forward to keeping up with you!

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for your visit to my table last week -- hope you'll visit again soon. Stay warm!

  4. I can't comment on Joe Biden, but I will say that it's really cool that you got to meet the Vice President of the United States. ;) T's store sold Mr. Biden a mattress for his new DC residence. :) He said it had to be scanned and everything (for bad stuff) before they could deliver it!

  5. Cool! Sonny is my good friend's uncle. I'm lovin' your blog! Thanks for introducing yourself.


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