Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Men Clothes...

I used to think that lots of old men wore the clothes that they had worn 30-40 years ago that had been fashionable back in the day. I was actually really impressed with how well things held up and how much care they took in keeping their "old" clothes in good repair. USED to think, that is until I saw Manny's:
Yep, last month, when DH and I were in Naples we ran across Manny's...apparently this is the place to aquire the official old man clothes....NEW old man clothes....or maybe that is NEW clothes for the old man?

So there you have it, complete with high-waisted, baby blue, polyester slacks with a white patent belt, no less....I just never knew!


  1. That window looks frozen in time!! ;D


  2. Arnold Palmer, that's all I can say. He was in the Sears catalog when I was young, and every time I see these blue pants I say Arnold Palmer. Funny what sticks through the years...........

  3. i am laughing out loud!! have you seen The Holiday? wouldn't the sweet old man in that movie be the perfect customer here?


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