Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy 1st Day of Summer!

Today is the offical 1st Day of Summer! Whooohoo! It is somewhere between 95-100 degrees here in my South. The kids and I celebrated by heading northward into the mountains for the day. We had planned a breakfast "pig out" at West Family Restaurant in Cleveland, GA but they were closed for a funeral -- they will reopen at 4:00 pm (after the funeral???). So, in light of West not being available, we headed on northward and stopped in a little place called Wendell's Cafe. Wendells was cute and had a lovely screened porch that we ate on. The food was "alright". Definately not the biscuit experience I had desired but it was adequate. Wendell's is one of those places that was Ok enough that you can't seem to say it was bad but not Ok enough to warrant a return stop. I was really craving a good, southern-style buttermilk biscuit and gravy. I got a thick, dense, and thus somewhat dry, biscuit with gravy that was alright. I have to admit it, I was dissappointed! The waittress was very nice and the place was clean and had nice decor. BUT...I wanted my biscuit! If I had wanted a thick, dense one I could have stayed home and cooked my own! HA!

After stuffing ourselves with breakfast we headed up to the lake and did some swimming and sunning. Then we did some Fall (as in water) looking and rode over to Anna Ruby Falls (just north of Helen, GA). It is such a really lovely place and a reminder of how gorgeous Georgia can actually be.


  1. Isn't it awesome to have those nice mom and pop restaurants and cafes up in that area? We don't have any of that here. Folks like the chain coffee shops and such. There's this little restaurant in Kennesaw, right next to Dent Myers place that serves an AWESOME breakfast!

    Glad you guys had such a nice day!!

  2. I love those kinds of diners! My mom and dad met as workers in one, and then started their own.

    Great shots, and thanks for spending my son's birthday in a fun way! (The longest day of the year was the longest of my life...June 21, 1995! Labored for 33 hours. No drugs. I was nuts!)

  3. What a lovely place! Now that kind of water looks very inviting! And, a good buttermilk biscuit, drenched in butter, mmmmmmmmm (dont tell the doctors - ha!)


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