Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Care and Keeping of Crepe Myrtles

I will admit it. I love Crepe Myrtles. This love affair started many, many years ago when I lived in Hartsville, SC and I think my desire to garden was just budding. In Hartsville there were Crepe Myrtles that were huge, lovely structural trees...unlike what most people have and call Crepe Myrtles. For some reason people have developed the habit of shearing these lovely trees back every spring under the belief that they will acquire more blooms. I say PHOOEY!

We have several Crepe Myrtles in our yard that we do NOT, I repeat do NOT prune into a an unatural state.
When folks take out their pruning shears and attack their poor Crepe Myrtles they don't allow the tree to develop into its natural form, which is quite a piece of art in itself. The tree has a lovely mutli trunk structure with gorgeous smooth bark....PLEASE, I beg you don't be a Crepe Murderer.


  1. I think I like them that way too, my friend! I'm not a huge fan of overly sculpted shrubbery!

  2. I had no idea you were such an advocate for crepe myrtles. I love them too. I suppose there are some really old ones around here somewhere but I never see them. That's not surprising I guess. Old trees in Atlanta?? What must I be thinking of. Anyway, I love seeing the really big ones in Charleston. The trunks are just beautiful. And, of course, nothing could be prettier than a crepe myrtle in the middle of summer.

  3. Hey! I grew up in Summerville and went to Clemson. It's always nice to find another South Carolinian. :) Nicole


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