Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fair Tax for you and me....

Fair Tax! Yeah, that’s what I am talking about. Up until a few months ago I was oblivious to such terminology -- though I wasn’t oblivious to the massive amounts of paychecks that are lost to “taxes”. I also know that there are lots of folks in our country that avoid paying taxes on their incomes...drug dealers (what a paycheck they get!), people who work “under the table”, and illegal immigrants just to name a few...and somehow that just doesn’t seem “fair”. These same non-tax payers do still benefit from the things MY taxes provide and though, I believe in helping others, I got frustrated by the lack of “fairness” in our current system.

Anyway, about a year ago I heard this guy, Neil Boortz,, on Martha Zoller’s,, radio show and his ideas were kind of radical but they made sense to me. I am definitely not a scholar of economics (proven by my recent struggle with my economics class) but what Boortz and the Fair Tax Plan, , presented made perfect sense to me. It offered me and my family a way to control what we paid in taxes. Basically giving us some freedom to make ends meet and a way for us to save for our future; so this did get me kind of interested in researching it further. I was delighted to find out there was already a grass roots movement washing like ocean waves over the nation to push the Fair Tax!!!!

A couple of weeks ago my dh and I were pleased to attend a Fair Tax Rally in our little town. It happened on a Wednesday night at Longstreet Cafe,, and the place was packed!!!! Herman Cain,, was the keynote speaker and I tell you he has it going on. He rips to the center of the issue and spells it out with a message you just can’t ignore.

BTW, here are some really key facts about the FairTax:

Creates jobs where our current system hemorrhages them overseas with hidden federal income taxes and compliance laws which make our products less competitive in the global market and more expensive even here at home.

Gives you your ENTIRE paycheck – NO federal withholding!!!

It Allows homeowners to pay their entire house payment with pretax dollars (not to mention all those other pesky bills that we have to pay post tax!).

Frees up wasted Income Filing!

Requires everyone pay their fair more slipping through the cracks for criminals.

Keeps the Government out of your business -- what, where, with whom you spend your money is not anyone's business...consider how much information the government gathers on you and those in your household and how you spend your money from your Income Tax Return.

Abolishes the IRS!

I encourage you to read up on this and call/write your representatives and tell them you want the FAIR TAX! http://FAIRTAX.ORG

Here is a cool calculator to give you some idea of the difference in your financial outlook with the Fair Tax:


  1. I was reading your post and saw my favorite place to get a biscuit! I live in Flowery Branch. There is a SnB group which meets at St. Ives on Saturdays from 2-5pm. :) Nicole

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Nicole! What is a SnB group??? I am so out of the loop! LOL

  3. Thanks for the info! I'll check it out.

    And thanks for your nice words on the blog the other day! You are so kind!

  4. Hey girl, I am so glad you blogged about that Fair Tax rally, I did some blogging about it some time ago

    I've been listening to Neal Boortz for about ten years now and I have to tell ya that thanks to him I got more involved and started caring more about the direction this country's headed. I don't agree with him about everything, but he makes me think.

    THINK PEOPLE THINK! This country belongs to us, why do we let corrupt politicians walk away with our hard earned tax dollars? So they can give it to some tiny town in Alaska for a multi-million dollar bridge? COME ON!

    I am so thrilled the Fair Tax is getting the publicity it deserves. It's not just "talk" anymore ya know? It's a viable concept!

    I'm tired of hardworking Americans being taxed for hard work and achievement.

    Thanks for blogging about it girl, the more attention it gets, the better off we ALL will be!

    Hugs, Jess

  5. Hey Girl! I'm a huge fair tax fan, too. I've been preaching this for a couple of years. BTW, SnB is Stitch and Bitch. Its a knitting group.


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