Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Father's Day - 2006

DH & "the other one" -Mohawk Trail-Florida, Mass. 2003
Happy Father's Day, sweetie!

Father's Day was a great day around here! We went to church in the morning and dear husband and I spent the afternoon doing some errands around town. In the evening we (the children and I) treated him to dinner at 'Chez Mommy'. The menu consisted of Ultimate Grilled Steak, Zesty Grilled Veggies, grilled corn on the cob, some cloverleaf rolls and for dessert, dh's recent new favorite dessert....Mango Pie. Unfortunately Dh had to be called in to run the grills as I am not a "griller". The last time I actually tried to grill something (hotdogs on a night when dh was out of town) I burned the hair off my fore-arms. Oh well....I think he enjoyed his grill time. LOL It was cool enough to eat on our newly redone deck so that was nice. After the kiddos were tucked in their beds we took the dog for a walk and then spent an hour or so, snuggling on the front porch in the cool of the evening.
Yesterday wasn't just Father's Day for Dh. He actually had one of those "grown up" moments, as he had to get his 1st eye exam and found out --- not surprisingly--- that he needed some glasses for close up stuff. I have heard this happens in the 40th year! I think he is struggling with the concept a bit but he does look nice in the pair he picked out.
My dear, sweet husband is an amazing Father. He is engaged, involved and shows sacrifical love to our 3 wonderful children. They wouldn't be who they are without him and his guiding hands. He is the kind of Father that I think all children should have. I am such a lucky woman.


  1. What a great tribute! And I'm sure he thinks he's pretty lucky, too!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog! It made my day!

  2. I totally agree!!!

    And that's a great picture BTW.

  3. WOW what a lucky DH you have to receive a tribute of this magnatude. You are an examplary wife for a husband to have!!


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