Tuesday, June 20, 2006

BlueJays in my Backyard

We have had a nest of BlueJays in our back yard this spring and have been watching and waiting for the appearance of the babies. For several weeks we could just spy their little bald heads as they hopped up and down for food when Mom/Dad came to the nest.

A couple of nights ago Dh was outside with our dog and the dog became manic barking at a bush just under the tree where the nest was. Dh took a peek and there was one of the new little peeps.
Cool, huh?


  1. So cute! Hey my mom found a baby bluejay once and raised it to adulthood then she let him go. She called him "booberry". Her blog is at www.nascorner.blogspot.com if you ever wanna check it out. I told her about your blue jay post. She should write about her experiences with Mr. Booberry, it was funny. He would sit among the stuffed animals and sleep!!


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