Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 New Year's Goals & Resolutions Blog Hop!

As the New Year approaches I can't help but think about my goals and resolutions for 2013 (yes, I make them!) One thing that seems to always be on my New Year's list is to pare down and simplify my life.  I did make some good strides in 2012 but I am determined that 2013 is going to be a turning point in my life in this area.  My Dh and I are already on our way with this one as we have spent today editing our Christmas decorations into 3 piles: "keep" "donate" "trash."  This has actually turned into a day of purging all kinds of things from our attic and is making me feel better already. 

Another goal is to get back into blogging so I decided to host my very first Blog Hop and hope you will link up and share your goals and/or resolutions for 2013!  I know I will get inspiration from other bloggers on what they want to improve, pare down or tackle in the New Year as well. 

So, link up below!!!  Out of courtesy, please share the code on your post so others can share in the fun and don't forget to visit other participants to say hi!

Thanks for sharing!!!

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  1. Good luck with your 2013 goals. I tend not to put yearly goals together and take the year in little chunks- I feel I can accomplish more of what I want to do. Best Wishes for a wonderful year. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the rest of us!

  2. Declutering always makes me feel better too, I'll be sure to link up once I get my post well posted! :)

  3. I stopped by to read your blog and was surprised to find a link-party! Thanks for hosting, and I think you are brave for trying new things! Happy New Year to You!

  4. Ok, I want to particpate in this blog hop thing but I don't have a clue how to get started. :)

  5. Hi! Thanks for hosting this hop. Good luck with your New Year goals, I hope to stick to mine, as well.


  6. I tried to "get started" with your link, but for some reason it will not come up for me....but I tend to not make any real resolutions for the new year. I'm always afraid of being disappointed. Good luck with your new goals! De-cluttering always feels good!

  7. Happy New Year! I hope you reach your goals for 2013. I need to be better about blogging too.

  8. Hi Bella,

    Those are pretty great resolutions! I am actually hosting a blog hop as well and would love for you {and anyone else who wants} to link up!

  9. If I made a resolution I'd just not
    keep it so I gave them up years ago..
    Good Post


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