Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Cactus & Friendship

This year two of my friends gifted me with Christmas Cacti!  The one above is planted in a gorgeous footed, vintage, cranberry glass dish and literally overflowing with gorgeous pale pink blooms.  I love these crazy plants that bloom with abandon when the season is right because my Grandmother loved them.  I am still the guardian of one of her beloved Christmas Cactus (see it here). 
This one was given to me by my sweet friend, Susan, who is the most talented person I know.  She hand painted and monogrammed the pot herself (in between doing amazing things with refinished furniture.) I keep telling her she needs a blog to share all her finds and inspiration with the rest of us.   I look so forward to being able to cultivate these plants as a reminder of what a blessing friends can be!

I  like Christmas Cacti better than poinsettias mostly because the don't tend to die on me before Christmas actually comes around. 

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  1. OK - so my mom had Christmas cacti growing up, and I saw gorgeous ones here last week. I almost bought one, but other than cherry tomatoes in pots on the porch, I have a BLACK thumb. How do you make them last forever?


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