Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Is Here

Can it be possible?  We are actually already into the new year, and I am not talking about the 1st {which is a holiday so it doesn't much count, does it?}  This morning I actually had to write a check that ended in 2013!

When I left my house this morning I could tell the new year had arrived in the real world.  The traffic flow was pre-Christmas and it seemed everything was business as usual.  Fortunately for us, my boys don't go back to school until Monday and we are going to squeeze in one last short trip  before then.  My daughter heads back to college on the 14th so at least for the next week or so...we will pretend to still be on a holiday of sorts. 

I love having my family home (and particularly like being far away from homework) but usually about this time I find myself craving the routine.  All our Christmas decor is put away and the house is in order so I guess I flounder around a bit without the routine.  Anyone else miss the routine?

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  1. We will go back to the norm next week when my kids go back to school until then still feeks like vacation.

  2. I seem to do better with a routine, but I confess that I like sleeping in a bit. We go back to school tomorrow :(


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