Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We Had to have "The Talk"...the housecleaning talk.

It was bound to happen. I knew somewhere, sometime, I would be close to snapping and to avert a major explosion I had to scheduled a talk.  It started when we came home from church and I told the boys "I need to talk to you."  When I said it,  I could literally feel the hairs on the back of their necks raise in alarm. Their brains immediately kicked into hyper drive to search their minds to make sure there wasn't something they could be in trouble for or to prepare for what ever bad news they just knew was coming.

I called a talk...because my house is a mess, a big, huge, drives-me crazy-kind of  mess.  I called a talk because their bathroom smells like a locker room and I was worried the mold in there was so ominous it might rise up and take over the universe while we slept. I called a talk because my girlfriends and I all sat around after church and lamented the lack of motivation in our kids when it comes to house cleaning.  I called a meeting because some how we have to get back on track! 

It seems somewhere over Christmas break (after the parties and guests were done) I lost control.  And now I see the calendar creeping dangerously close to the end of January and it has just gotten worse.  I truly worry that the directors of Hoarders, Buried Alive will show up at any moment with an intervention team.  So, here is my very public pledge...I will regain control of my empire with my minions at my side!  We will hunt and kill each and every dust bunny that is hiding in the corners of our kingdom.  We will rid the counters of clutter and the evil piles of paper that have gathered in an attempt at mutiny. We will dust, vacuum, mop and shine our way to victory.

We will NOT appear on least not just yet.  

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  1. You are so good! I must need to get to a breaking point, huh? :-P

  2. Kids and cleaning! Good for you! I am having to coax my kids into cleaning the house too. It's always a battle, but it gets easier each week. To give us a nudge in the right direction I hired a deep cleaning service to help us get a clean slate of sorts.


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