Friday, December 16, 2011

Wise words on Worry...

This quote is from Corrie Ten Boom (who, if you haven't read about her or know her story, is pretty amazing and inspiring and worth checking out!)  and I am trying to take it to heart and practice it every day!  Though I tend to then worry about whether or not I am just living in denial (yes....obsessive, I know!) but I keep trying to focus on this verse from Matthew:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

Can you tell I am a worrier???  Yes, it is true.  I am a planner, an organizer, and by nature an obsessive worrier.  It is genetic, I come from a long line of obsessive worriers.  We literally have it down to a hyperventilating, hand wringing science.    One thing that is coming out of the current trials I am dealing with is having to face that I have no control.    Really, it is so much bigger than I am.  So, I am trying out the experience of living in this very moment (which is really hard if you are always worrying about the next moment) and having faith enough to get through it. Since I have no control, there is no need to worry.  You see, my worry comes out of the struggle to have some sense of control over situations and fear.  I have no control...and God is with me so I will not fear...and I will hold boldly to that in this moment!


  1. What a great quote. I've read Corrie Ten Boom's book (years ago), but I didn't remember it. Thanks for the reminder. It's so true! Sometimes it's really hard not to worry.

  2. Oh, I am soooooo obsessed with Corrie Ten Boom!!!! LOVELOVELOVE!!!

  3. Corrie Ten Boom...a very wise woman. Love her story...

    Sometimes its hard not to worry, even though we know all the scripture, and have the biblical sense to remember God is in control. Worry is BIG sometimes.

    Remember, we never know what the future holds, and that in itself is scary sometimes...but of course, we know Who holds our future.

    Loving you in Georgia sweet friend.

  4. Really wise words, but it can be hard not to worry. Though, it doesn't help!

  5. Great quote, Michelle. True words to live by, because worrying definitely doesn't cut it!

  6. I am a worrier and a planner too. I would love for even a day not feel the need to plan and worry.

  7. I love Corrie Ten Boom and her book is one of my favorite books.

    I'm also working on the worrying thing. It's so hard to remember that none of this, none of my life- good or bad can be completely controlled. I have got to give it up. It's hard. I find that a good workout helps me clear my head. I often pray then too. I always feel better after, but it will always be a struggle for me.

    I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas and enjoy the time together with your daughter home from school.



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