Friday, December 2, 2011

So, do you Sew?

Are you a seamstress?  I. Am. Not.  

It is sad really that this skill has evaded me for 40+ years...and especially through the years when I had small children.  It isn't that I had no interest. I had lots of interest....just not a lot of stick-to-itness.  Some how, I missed those classes when I was in school and I came from a Mother who apparently hated to sew.  But now that I am completely addicted to Pinterest my desire to be able to sew has reared it's crafty head again.  There are just too many cute things!!!!  I love fabric and feel like I could do so much if I just knew how to sew.  I have a friend who says she can teach me and I think I just might have to take her up on her offer (and hope we remain friends through the learning process!)

Here are some of the things I am in love with on Pinterst that have me lusting after the ability to sew:

Source: via Bella on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


  1. Check with the local continuing ed departments at your local community colleges, universities, etc. Both of our local schools offer beginning sewing lessons (I teach them at one actually.)

  2. I can sew:) I just dont have a good place to do it and the thought of the mess I'd make is what stops me... What a shame , huh..

    Do go take some lessons. The folks are always nice and I know you;ll learn quickly and soon some one will be pinning your items and lusting after them..

    good luck~!


  3. Yes, lessons! My mom was a wonderful seamstress. Perhaps out of necessity with 5 little ones, 3 which were girls. But, she made all our prom dresses, easter dresses when we were little, all sorts of little shift dresses. Of course. Me? I never learned the skill. My husband has to sew buttons for me! :0

  4. I am in the same boat! I can't do any more than sew on a button. I'd like to do more...but I also don't think I need my fingers in any more crafty pots. :-P What I *REALLY* want is a sewing BFF who can do embroidery monograms, and then I'll do all our vinyl & glass etching monograms! :-D

  5. I can't even sew on a button. They come unvraveled.

  6. I feel very sure that you can learn to sew. Go for it!

  7. I do a lot of sewing and truly love the creative outlet. I've sewn for myself, our children & grandchildren. I've also sewn professionally. Now I sew only for fun!


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