Monday, March 28, 2011

Lotus and Lilly & Southern Mommas

Thank You, Lotus and Lilly & Southern Mommas!
 A few weeks ago, Southern Mommas hosted a giveaway sponsored by Lotus and Lilly and I was super excited to find out last week that I had won!!!  The prize pack was filled with 5 (YES, 5!!!!) gorgeous headbands made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric.  They are gorgeous, and the most comfortable headbands I have every worn. 

Lotus and Lilly sells some amazing accessories for all you preppy and Lilly lovers out there, so check them out. 


  1. Thanks, Bella, for dropping by. Gosh, but I thought I was following you. Can't miss a lovely Southern blog like yours.

    Read your previous post. My roommate at LSU was a Phi Mu! Yay!

  2. Those are adorable! I'm glad you posted about them!

  3. Ooo! So pretty! Congratulations! :)

    Jennifer @

  4. Congrats on your WIN!!!


  5. Yay you!!

    I love to win:)

    What a great prize, too cute!


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