Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Sharp! Great pic! Look at those long legs, I bet he was a great dancer! hehe. I love old snapshots like these. They tell such a great story and make you wonder..

  2. I never tire of seeing snapshots of history.

    what a great photo!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Nothing puts a smile on my face like an old photo. Especially of our loved ones.

    Thanks for asking about my surgery. I'm off crutches now, but still very sore. My brother, who is also a surgeon resident in Brooklyn, said I should expect to be sore for quite a while. No problem, just as long as I know I'm healing "normally".

    Thanks, also, for you comment. Re: Mila Kunis's dress. I think the lace around the bust actually are pasties! Someone said they saw her getting out of her limo and when she was leaning over they saw that the lace was pasties right on her skin. I guess that makes sense, and also prevents any unwanted slippage. Haha!

  4. Love the old photo...only I want details! Who is it? I guess that would defeat the wordless part? :)

  5. Great photo. Just the condition of the photo with the crinkles, etc. shows that it's been around for awhile & probably handled often & well loved. Many memories.

  6. I love old photos and wish that people still dressed like this...with some pride!

  7. Ooo, stylish! What a remarkable photo - I just love old photographs! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I love this photo too and am really curious as to who this nice man is?!

    Have you ever noticed that many of the photos from this area were taken around a car? I bet they were proud of their cars in those days.


  9. Wow such a fantastic photo!
    Very classy!


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