Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Every Chick Should Have...

Today found me thumbing through one of my all time favorite books, Nesting, It's a Chick Thing by Ame Mahler Beanland and Emily Miles Terry (click here for my original book mention Deals and Inspiration.) I love this book, and anytime I pick it up, it seems I can't put it down!   I came across one of their wonderful "every chick should have..." lists pertaining to the kitchen, and since I have been spending more and more time in my kitchen lately, I particularly loved it and thought you might as well:

According to Beanland & Terry, in your kitchen "every chick should have....

* Luxurious hand lotion next to her kitchen sink

* A stereo in the kitchen to play tunes that inspire, calm, and cheer

* At least one delicious frozen entree in the freezer -- for afternoons or evenings too fun to stand in front of the stove

* A well worn recipe card with a favorite family dish from a grandmother or other cherished relative

* Pictures of family and friends on the refrigerator door

* Someone to call if you get into a culinary fix

* A hidden box or bag of some wonderful junk food

* A signature specialty that you can whip up with one arm tied behind your back

* Something distinctly "you" in your kitchen -- a frilly apron, an oven mitt, or a trivet from a memorable trip

* A beautiful bottle or tin of something deliciously refined and gourmet -- like a limited-run, estate-bottled olive oil or balsamic vinegar, or English tea biscuits in a vintage tin

* A neighbor who will lend you an emergency cup of sugar or an egg"

Ame Mahler Beanland & Emily Miles Terry, Nesting: it's a Chick Thing, 2004

Do you have anything/s that you think some be added to this "should have" list? 
What are your favorite must haves for your kitchen? 
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  1. I love this list. And I must look for this book - it sounds delightful.

    I am in love with Paris - our bedroom is already a shrine and I didn't want to do the same to our kitchen. But I do have two dinner plates featuring two different Paris scenes and a couple of coffee cups, also in Paris themes. The rest of my family knows those cups and plates are for me only - I never had to say a word.

    I'm enjoying a cup of joe right now out of my Paris mug (and it was only $2.99 from T.J. Maxx).

    I'm looking forward to reading what other commenters have in their kitchens.

  2. This sounds like a book I need!! I have some awesome lotion at my kitchen sink. ;) Love the list you included. Hope you'll link this one up this weekend, Michelle. Sounds like a worthwhile read for everyone! :)

  3. I asbolutely adore this list!!!!!

  4. Great list! And so true! I have too many aprons, but I wear them all! :)

    Thank you for your kind comment regarding my grandparents' passing. My grandmother was always my "go to" call when I had a culinary question. Luckily, my mom is also a great cook!

  5. I also love this list. I think everyone needs to put their own personal touch in their houses. I have a small stero in my kitchen so I can listen to all my favorite New Orleans bands while cooking. I also have to have a pretty apron on. It makes me feel worthy of cooking something great. I also have my lucky oven mit (in shape of an alligator). I've had "Al" for many years and he's looking pretty shabby but I'm hanging on to him until he completely falls apart.

  6. What a wonderful list! This books sounds like a must read! I love the one about the aged recipe card, especially if it's in your grandmother's handwriting!!

  7. This books sound right up my alley. I had never heard of it. Love the list of must haves.

  8. Thanks for sharing this at the party, Michelle. I forgot to check my library for this one when I was there this week, but I will when I return my current ones. :)

  9. Just wanted to stop back in and let you know I featured this post today. :)

  10. I love this list! And I'm so happy that I have most of these!

  11. I think that I can actually check off everthing on this list. I'll have to look for this book.


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