Thursday, January 13, 2011

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

and I am tired of this weather, how about you?

I am just about sick to death of hearing about cold, and snow, and ice!!!  I am so over the miserable weather that I can't even come up with anything original to blog about that doesn't contain a big dose of grumble!  I need something fun and festive!  Of course, Martha Stewart is right there with some great ideas for cute gifts for Valentine's Day (which, by the way, is ONLY a month away!).

I want to try to make some of these adorable Bath Fizzies.  They would make such a great gifts!  If you want to see some other great ideas check out Martha Stewart's 55 Valentine's Day Ideas.  Happy Crafting, y'all!

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  1. Gosh! Is it that close to Valentines already??? Carla

  2. Good morning from Tokyo!

    I'll be honest, considering where we are at the moment, we're missing the little bits of snow in the South. I know y'all have to be tired of it though. Is it true that every state with the exception of Florida has some of that lovely white powder? Amazing if that's true!

    I'm going to have to peek at Martha's suggestions for Valentine's Day as I'm coming up short this year. Thanks for such a great idea!

    My best to you and yours...



  3. I would feel sorry for all your winter woes but no one ever feels sorry for us when the weather is 102 degrees in AZ in July.

  4. I'd like to know if you make the fizzies & how they turn out! My kids are OBSESSED with them!

  5. That is really pretty, and I have the fresh eggs we could use too, that is cool. Hope your day is blessed, it is cold here, but the Son is shining in my heart. Hugs Barbara from thank you for stopping by too.

  6. I have got to sit down anda peruse Martha's site one of these days! ;) So many neat ideas...but I guess that's why she's Martha and I'm not. ;) Thanks for linking up to my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :) Have a great weekend!

  7. How fun! I was just thinking about how Valentine's Day is just a month away...that means my son turns 8 is just a month too!!! LOL Wow! Better get busy!!

    Thanks for the great inspiration today!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  8. Wish we could send you some of our "great" weather. We've had chilly mornings, but upper 60's by afternoon. They are predicting 80 by this weekend. Such diversity across our country. Of course, all this nice weather has brought like a gazillion winter visitors this year. The hospital ER has had to add some outside tents to handle the onslaught. Can you believe that! Your snow looks beautiful, but I understand how old it must be getting. Thanks for the link to MS. I always like to see what that woman is up to.

  9. Bath fizzies - looks fun. I'm going to check them out! I hope you have a warm and cozy weekend!

  10. I recently store away all my xmas decor and now I'm into V Day crafts!! I'll like to try too the bath fizzies. Thanks for stopping by today, I'm happy you did and that you are my new follower :)
    Have a great weekend. Veronica

  11. You all have certainly received your fair share of winter weather this year, haven't you?!!? I live in New York and I think a lot of us are happy that we're finally having a snowy winter in our area. At least our household is!! I look forward to reading your blog posts. I found you on the Over 40 blog. Come by and visit if you get a chance!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  12. I could lose myself @ Martha! Glad to have found your blog through Amanda:)

  13. I agree...I am OVER the whole snow and ice thing! I am not too far from you (I'm in the Charlotte, NC area). My kids were out of school all week from the snow and ice we got on Monday. Half of out backyard is still really icy since it is in the shade. It was fun but now I want it to go away!

    Those bath fizzies are so cute. Thanks for sharing the link. Gotta get busy on some Valentine's ideas!

    Thanks for stopping by Home Matters and checking out my soup recipe. I am enjoying my visit to your blog and just became your newest friend ("follower" sounds like I am stalking you!).

    Til Next Time,

  14. Hi. Iam a new follower. I discovered you while blog hopping! I would love for you to visit with me @! Have a great week!


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