Friday, July 2, 2010

Overwhelmed...progress stalled!

Ugh!  We made some great progress this week with getting our life settled into this house but I am finding myself overwhelmed with one room in particular.  THE OFFICE!  We had 1 office area in the last house (same here) but I had a bonus room that was essentially "office overflow" and I don't have that here.
The most difficult part is that in the last house the bonus room was never seen, so it could be messy storage and things could reside in plastic bins and crates of various makes and color...not here. In the new house the office is on the left, off the foyer and directly across from the formal dining room and also opens into the kitchen. Oh, also in the last house I had an office closet with floor to ceiling shelves for office supplies, my file cabinet, etc. Not anymore, and I have stalled on the office. I have to get it unpacked, but I am not real sure where/what/how to put everything. I have thousands of photographs that haven't been organized, along with lots of years of treasures that my kiddos have made, etc. that I am really struggling with.  Also, where to put the real office supplies, work files, records, etc.
I am really thinking some built-ins may be in order...otherwise, how do I had my chaos?


  1. I have a friend with a similar set up Michelle. She has one of those folding things in front of the entrance to the office area. I think built ins would be a better solution, but you might could do something like that until you can get to the built ins.

  2. Offices are the worst. I wish I had one like I see in magazines, but those are not working offices.

  3. This is a tough problem. You want it neat since this is a room that people will see when they come into your house. I hope you'll come up with a solution soon.

  4. Or a beautiful armoire could hold all those office supplies?????? You will come up with the perfect solution, I am sure! I don't have a great office area, except that I can close the door!


  5. Congrats on the new house. It's always overwhelming getting settled in. I'm sure your house will look beautiful once you get unpacked. Your pool looks so refreshing. Sending housewarming blessings from my house to yours.

  6. It might be a mess now but knowing you, you will get it looking beautiful in no time. I love the dining room windows by the way!


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