Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall Fashion, anyone?

I have been kinda, sorta, looking towards fall a bit, in regards to fashion and though I am not giving up summer quite yet, I have found a couple of trendy things that I may have to add to my closet. The first one (well, maybe more than one..) would be the chunky, multi-layered necklaces that are in stores. Maybe it is just the 80s in me... (you know we layered was NEVER enough)... but I think I will be sporting some big, chunky bling this fall!

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  1. No shame here! I'm SO looking forward to fall. What I wouldn't give to put on some jeans and a cardigan at the same time... :)

  2. I can't wait for fall. Sweaters, boots, and Football.

  3. i really like that necklace....i always forget about ny&co for jewelry but they do have some cute things! thanks for the reminder! happy monday lady!


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