Thursday, July 29, 2010

Junkin' for Projects at The Thieves Market!

Last Saturday, Piper Ellice (known here on this blog as DD - dear daughter!) and I, went here, to the Thieves Market to do some "junkin'" as my dear friend,Cathy @ Cathy's Out Junkin' Again, would call it.  By the way, Cathy is like a magician with all her junkin' finds.  Check her out to be inspired!
There were all kinds of jewels waiting to be polished! 
We spent a good deal of time looking over the many thousands of square feet of treasures.  There are times when I really think I should drive a truck, because our little cars are limited on the haul they can safely (and legally) retrieve.
But...we hit pay dirt in an old bathtub (no, not the bathtub!) with some vintage, tin tiles complete with Fleur de Lis pressed into each one.  They are delightfully rusty and have the remnants of their previous paint job, which is exactly the blue that DD has wanted for her new room (in this house, not her dorm room!).  These little prizes set us back $1 a piece!  Yep, we are fancy!!!
So, we grabbed a box of tiles.  The sweet proprietors assured us that there were many more hundreds in a box somewhere if we needed. 

We have rolled around several ideas on how to use these beauties, but I would love to know how you would use them.


  1. What great finds! Can't wait to see what you do with the tiles - so many possible options!

  2. Ive recently gotten into yard sales...antiquing, etc!!! It's fun!! BUt hard work!!

  3. HOw fun! Such great finds. Wish I could have could have come along!

  4. I adore the tiles!! A couple of things I would do would either be to tile the ceiling or maybe even use them as an accent wall or simply the headboard. What fun! Wish I could be so lucky!! :)


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