Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Sofa Thoughts

I need a new sofa. 

Yes, need - not want, because we are really coming to the end of our beloved sofa's life.  We have had this sofa for 11+ years and trust me when I say it has given itself honorably (considering it has had 3 children - 2 of them rough and tumble boys and 2 cats - living on it constantly).  Actually, it is in good shape structurally and even the seat cushions are still holding up well, it is just the fabric is sad.  Truly, this is the best sofa we have ever had by a long shot, the quality can't be beat!

About 4 years ago I had the seat cushions recovered because that fabric, obviously took much more wear and tear than the rest of it.  I used a great coordinating plaid and it really just popped with the floral fabric and bought us several more years of time before the word "need" started getting batted around.  I have considered having it re-covered and I am still not off the fence on that one...if I can find fabric that I love in a reasonable price range (currently that doesn't see to be happening because everything I find is so expensive and then the recovering is pricey so we tend to be leaning towards a new sofa). 

There is just one catch, I love this fabric!  I have built an entire house around THIS fabric!  I love its warm tones and have used quite a bit of the yellows and oranges and greens in the rest of my decorating. I am not ready to discard the look.  It makes me feel good and comfy.  So, tomorrow I am going to head to a retailer that sells sofas by this manufacturer (Taylor King) and see, just see, if possibly they still offer the fabric.  Oh, and see how much said sofa would cost (11 years later).  I bought a few yards of this fabric to cover the piano bench just about 4 years ago so I know it is a long shot, but if the fabric is still available, I am seriously considering buying an identical sofa.

Is that crazy?  Has anyone else every bought the same item 11 years later because you still loved it???   


  1. I say go for it. If you love it that much.

  2. I say go for it, too. If you love it, why not? If you don't see something there that equally grabs you, do it!

    I need a new sofa too, in the worst way. I need to come to NC or SC and furniture shop!! :D

  3. Well, if you love it, why not?

    I'm having the same feelings towards my sofa. It might be a few years older than yours but of course it hasn't endured children nonstop. I kind of love the fabric too, but I just want a change. I asked the decorator who was here last week what she thought about slipcovers and she said it would cost me as much as a new sofa! HUH!?! I was thinking of slipcovers as a way to get me a few more years out of it before replacing it.

  4. OH, I would do that for sure. When I choose something, you can be sure I love it. The last time I decorated my bedroom, I kept it for 13 years. Keep us posted!! xoxo

  5. Definitely not crazy- I actually think it is a great idea to stick with something you love.

  6. If you really like that fabric, then why not stick with it? I think it is very pretty, btw!

  7. Yes, we are in a couch transition too. If you love it, do it.



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