Friday, December 27, 2019

8 Years ago....

I don't know if this date will ever lose the significance it has in my heart.  It is a day I still remember vividly...actually with a bizarre level of detail.  It was the day I saw my child dying. It was a day I saw the faces of my other children in more pain than I could imagine as fear of losing some one so dear to them hit them truly for the first time  It was also the day my baby boy and I started our journey into this thing called Epilepsy and seizures and crazy diets and refusing toxic treatments.  It was a day that planted a fear so deeply inside me that I knew only God understood. I didn't know that my youngest son and I would, more or less, walk this journey alone but we haven't done so bad.

8 years ago, everything was unknown...would he be alive the next day or the next?  Would he be permanently changed?  How could I help?  There were no answers.

But, 8 years later, most of it spent as a single parent...I have gotten to witness first hand, and continue to see, the amazing young man he is becoming.  Just a few weeks ago I got to watch as he signed his commitment to his first choice college - after also being accepted into his #2 and #3 choices!  Honestly, 8 years ago I didn't know if that would ever happen.  He has worked hard and I am proud of him for not letting anything hold him back.

I know many of you have prayed over this young man and thank you is not near enough.
 I know God heard our cries. 
Thank you, God, for this child.



  1. I can hardly believe it's been EIGHT YEARS!!!!

  2. I am lifting prayers for your son and you to our Lord & Master. God is good.


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