Monday, September 5, 2011

10 is the magical number...

My baby boy is 10 today.  He is in those all coveted double digits.  He wanted an Ipod for his birthday...what happened to wanting little cars and such?  I can't believe my youngest child is 10. 

I love this little man so very much.  He is light and joy and fun rolled into one.  He is my child that fully loves life and wraps it in a sweet, compassionate spirit that I so desperately want to preserve.  It gets harder as they age to protect them and keep their spirits in tact. That is why I always feel a bit sad at each passing birthday, knowing they are that much closer to life outside the protective confines of home.

My wish for my sweet, youngest is that he always love life as much as he does now and he continues to grow into a man after God's own heart. 


  1. happy birthday to your baby boy

  2. happy birthday to him! i wish i could remember what I asked for on my 10th birthday

  3. Happy birthday to him. He is the same age as my daughter...and my son is fourteen...I think our kids are the same age.

  4. Just dropping in to say "hey" ...a Happy Birthday to Mom and Son :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet son!
    DD turned 10 last November...complete with iPod, phone (not my idea), and other electronic goodies. We would be willing to rent her out at this time. I'm sure it only gets worse!!


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