Thursday, September 29, 2011

Man Dinner...

One night this week, I was told not to plan dinner at all.  We were having a "Man Dinner".  Now, I am not sure what I thought Man Dinner would be, but it turned out pretty good for me.  What my boys [Men] defined "Man Dinner" to mean was that they planned the menu, shopped and prepared the entire meal.  Good thing, because I was NOT up for eating Slim Jims and Gummies for dinner. 
 Oldest DS learned a thing or two about chopping!
 The little man did his fair share as well.
They even got roses for the table!
I am thinking I could get used to "Man Dinner" quite frequently...


  1. That's really awesome that your husband is helping your sons learn how to cook :). My husband frequently cooks (actually, he does most of the cooking), I'm really thankful his mom showed him so much because he can do the cooking, but because so many men eat like bachelors with takeout and pizza. So this way, your sons will grow up knowing how to prepare food when they go off on their own and probably eat much healthier :).

    Amy Lauren

  2. Oh my goodness! How fancy & thoughtful. What sweet gentlemen you're surrounded by. I could get used to nights like that!

    What a amazing thing your husband did to model for your sons how to treat a Lady :) I love it!

  3. How wonderful that the men in your life did this! Very nice. :)

  4. I'd say this should be a once a week bonding moment for the guys in your life.

  5. I think that is great. What did the make?

  6. I need to know what they cooked!!! So cute!

  7. What a wonderful way to be treated. I hope they do it more often for you.


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