Thursday, October 28, 2010

People watching at the really, really big discount big box...

This morning I had to go to ****mart.  Not one of my favorite activities, but it seems in the season of life I am in (3 kids, house and a budget), it is a necessary evil.  Sometimes you just have to go. 

Generally, I will choose my times wisely,  going when it isn't overly crowded and avoiding weekends like the plague (really...if someone in my house needs something from ****mart on the is just NOT happening!).  Anyway, today's trip to the really, really,big, discount, big box entailed having to stand in line at the pharmacy.  While I stood there, I started looking around at all the other people around me and noticed one thing...they all looked absolutely miserable.  Now, I am not talking just blah...I am talking not happy with a capital NOT.  At first I decided it was because I was in the pharmacy section and maybe everyone was sick and not feeling well, but then I noticed everyone who worked there looked that way also.  This really got me curious and I started looking further than the pharmacy department...everyone was just plain old unhappy looking.  As they made their way up and down the aisles, they just looked pretty PO'd.  So did all the workers.  I generally make it a point to appear pleasant and smile at others (yes, even strangers!) but it seemed that if eye contact was made and even the slightest smile was shared...folks looked back with just a little bit of suspicion!  EVEN the workers!!!  There was no "happy place" in that place, I can assure you.  Maybe they are in need of a major Bobby McFerrin "Be Happy" intervention!

So why is it ...everyone looked all mad and generally morose?  I don't just blame this on ****mart  - though I understand that ****mart can cause that feeling - but come on folks, do you have to share your misery?  I think a lot of people in our society have forgotten that you don't have to wear every single emotion on your face and have settled into a negative vibe all the time.  There is always something to be thankful for and keep at least a bit of positive spirit.     I am not an expert. but being mad isn't a becoming look for most folks, especially the ones I saw at ****mart. 
Jowls. Are. Not. Flattering.  I am just saying...


  1. My hubby worked at 'stuff' mart for 15 years. Ask me if stuff mart makes people happy. ;). The one over by the mall is much happier than the one over here. Go to the happy mart. That one is also much more aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Well, you can bet I'll be wearing a silly grin next time I go to ***Mart. Of course, they may cart me off in a straight jacket...

  3. Well you know my feelings about the place, its where mama's go to beat their children and no one notices. Since in my area we have other options for shopping I don't often go into this store, unless of course I read on a blog about a great find. I don't often go into the mall either so I'm not sure if this is somewhat connected to this store or just a general feeling in retail. I live mostly at TJMAXX and they don't speak English there so I have no idea if they are happy or not.

  4. Well, you can bet I'll be smiling like a fool next time I go to ***Mart. I'm guessing the guys in the straight jacket will be hauling me off.

  5. I share your feeling and hate to shop at the "mart", but my small town options are a bit limited.

  6. I despise going to that place. It is so impersonal. I'd much rather go to a mom and pop establishment and pay a little extra just to feel like they appreciate my business. Each time I leave ***mart I feel like I have been to the fair (another place I prefer not to go). Just give me the local florist, antique store or even the church thrift shop anyday.

  7. Totally agree on all of it. We have the Super ***Mart here & I make it a point to go no later than 7:30 AM. I have to say that most of the time, the store clerks & managers are really quite friendly, not so much the patrons. I have this little game I play, which is to give someone who is looking sad or grumpy my biggest teeth showing smile. Amazingly enough, this works pretty well most of the time. Life is truly what we make of it & I feel sorry for those who seem so lost in hopelessness. Hope you have a fun & safe Halloween!

  8. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)



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