Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guess what I am doing this week?

Do you ever start a project with a plan, knowing just what you want to do and where?  You have made decisions!  Well, that was just where I was at the beginning of this week when I peeled the 1st strip of wallpaper off my dining room, not so much.....

I promise I had a plan...really, I did. 

But, as I peeled and peeled and adopted the nickname of "Queen of the Strippers" (yes thank you,  dear husband,  I appreciate that) I began to wonder if I should do something different.  My dining room is a big room, (20 feet by 14 feet), so I am looking to warm it up and make it more cozy which is somewhat ironic because it seems in every other house I have had, I was trying to open up the dining room and make it less cozy...oh, the irony. 
Got my 1st wall done!

So, my original plan was to use this fabric for the window treatments and chairs and the paint chip (laying on the fabric) for the walls. 
But, as I peeled away the wallpaper a strange whisper started in the back of my mind, "Wallpaper" it called.  "Wallpaper would cover a myriad of wall damage...." and I replied, "You have got to be crazeeee!" but it continued.  Do any of you have these strange decorating voices in your head or is it just me? 

So, after I have heard from several of my besties, and much debate over to wallpaper or not to wallpaper, I thought I would ask even more people so I will have even more voices in my head throw this question out into blogland....

What would you do? 


  1. As the Queen of Decorating Indecision and Second Guessing, I'll throw in my vote for paint, but I could change my mind at any minute. LOL.

  2. I feel your pain....I have done this sooooo many times and it's always a mess. You'd think I'd learn, but NO! I did it shortly after we first moved in and then I started doing it again last winter in different rooms. Finally had to hire a professional to fix the walls (one required sheetrock, but that's a long story!) but worth every penny. I am nearly without wallpaper in a house that was about 95% w/p.

    Good luck!

  3. Keep going, you've started. If there is damage you can always do something out of the box above the chair rail. There are so many different textures out there. You want cozy, take this an opportunity to make it cozy. You can do it!

  4. Oh good Lord! I do not envy you-stripping wallpaper is the worst, in my opinion!! That alone is reason enough for me to never ever hang it up in my house! Wish I had some advice :( Have a blessed day and good luck! xoxo

  5. Michelle, I'm still drooling over the size and style of hour dining room. I love the colors and can't wait to see the finished product.

  6. This is me chanting paint, paint, paint, paint. Only because, like ShannonPinNOLA, I'm so indecisive :) and with paint, do-overs are so easy.

  7. I personally love the look of wallpaper. I think it is a classic look, but paint would look nice, too.

  8. Wallpaper.... I am wallpaper and we could have a party!!!

    Can't wait to see the results.


  9. Michelle, you need to shove some of that already stripped wallpaper down the throat of that "voice"! It is pretty easy to fix wall problems with mud & then paint. Next time you want to make a color change just think how much easier it will be not having to strip wallpaper!


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